Numerology 101: What *His* Birth Number Says About Him!

Numerology 101: What *His* Birth Number Says About Him!

Ever wondered what your special someone’s birth number says about his personality? Believe it or not, but numerology is a powerful tool and an ancient art. The best part is that you don’t need to be great at Maths to ace it, just the basics would be good enough. Before we proceed, we’re going to teach you how to calculate his birth number. Let’s go, shall we?

Note: Remember these pointers

  1. Let’s say he’s born on the 5th of July 1984, the focus stays on the birth date and not on the year - that means his birth number is 5.

  2. But what if his number is not a single digit? What if it has two digits like 15 July? Then you simply must add his birth date to find out what the final number will be. It should look like 1+5 = 6. That means his birth number is 6.

  3. Keep this in mind ladies, numerology has a limit of 9 numbers. Since 9 is the highest, you must keep adding the number to get a single digit. So if it’s the 29th of July, you must add 2+9 = 11. Add this number (11) again and you will get something like 1+1=2. That means his actual birth number is 2 and not 11. Got it? Good! Let’s proceed.

The Number One

If your man is born on the dates of 1, 10, 19 or 28, his birth number is 1! He also happens to be a perfectionist. He’s loyal to two things in his life - you and his career. When you’re in his company, he goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and happy. Without beating around the bush, you can be sure that he will be honest with you on anything and everything. He’s a busy man who has no time or the patience to play mind games. If he’s with you, you know for a fact how important you are to him.

1 birth number kissing couple

The Number Two

If your man is born on the dates  2, 11, 20 or 29, his birth number is 2! At first, he may seem all tough on the outside, but once you get to know him, he’s like an open book. This man loves to travel and go on mini adventures. He’s never idle and usually has a large group of friends. He loves his independence and values his space. He keeps his promise and knows how to handle his emotions in the most mature way possible.

The Number Three

If your man is born on the dates of 3, 12, 21 or 30, his birth number is 3!  To be honest, this guy is a ball of good energy. He’s fun to hang out with and making out with him is always great. He’s more of a listener than a talker and offers the best advice ever. He loves hugs and is quite a fan of PDA. At first, it takes time for him to commit, but once he does, he’ll be yours forever! Not only will he provide for you, but will also make it a point to make you smile all day long.

3 birth number playful couple

The Number Four

If your man is born on the dates of 4, 13, 22 or 31, his birth number is 4! Initially, he may seem all reserved and quiet, and it probably could take a while before he opens up. He’s wary of whom he gives his heart to and his friends mean the world to him. He’s not the kind to make rash decisions. On the contrary, he takes his time and comes up with the best solutions. When you’re feeling anxious and stressed, he calms you down. He may not be a man of many words, but he more than makes up for them through his actions.

The Number Five

If your man is born on the dates of 5, 14 or 23 his birth number is 5! Men born on these dates tend to have it all together. They’re witty and charismatic in nature. They have the ability to think forward and are always brewing with fresh, innovative ideas. If you’re in a relationship with this one, you’ll understand that this man will keep you on your feet. Take you on an adventure and make you have the time of your life. He’s truly fun to be with and wherever he goes, and whoever he meets, he’s bound to make a good impression. You should feel really lucky to have him in your life.

5 birth number sexy man

The Number Six

If your man is born on the dates of 6, 15 or 24 his birth number is 6! Notice his fairly large Instagram following? That’s because you’re dating a popular kid. He’s good looking and has a great taste in fashion. Charming his way through challenging situations, you often wonder how does he do it?! His pretty face and sweet words take him places. To him, status and power mean everything. He’s attracted to strong, independent women. When the two of you hold hands and walk down the street, you look like the ultimate power couple.

The Number Seven

If your man is born on the dates of 7, 16 or 25, his birth number is 7! Only you would know that no matter how ugly a fight is, you’re with a guy who knows how to keep his cool. He’s not a fan of confrontation but is more of a problem solver. When he’s not working, he spends most of the time, relaxing, reading, bonding with nature and watching his favourite shows. On most occasions, he prefers to stay away from the limelight. He may not show his love for you on social media, but deep down, you know he’s just a call away - and that’s what’s more important.

7 birth number guy reading

The Number Eight

If your man is born on the dates of 8, 17 or 26, his birth number is 8! Trust us, no one wants to mess with these men because they’re so gifted and knowledgeable. Starting a debate with them can end in flames. He’s not much of a hothead, but if provoked, he won’t back down and give you a piece of his mind. His social circle is usually small and only has a bunch of friends he’s loyal to. Not a big fan of showing emotions, but like in life, all good things take time to happen - so does his love for you.

The Number Nine

If your man is born on the dates of 9, 18 or 27, his birth number is 9! Guys born on this date tend to be more aloof than the rest. Living life on their own terms and being the boss of themselves is how they roll. Dating someone from this number may require you to shower him with double the affection. He’s a tad bit protective and wants you to himself most times. He wants to be sure that you’re the one for him. Honesty and humour are qualities he looks for in a woman. Don’t break his heart because he is a gem of a person.

9 birth number couple hugging

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