11 Signs He Loves You Without Really Saying It!

11 Signs He Loves You Without Really Saying It!

Men have a knack for being less expressive, so don’t really worry if he isn’t saying the three magic words – ‘I love you’! Because ladies, it’s highly likely that he is saying it in multiple different ways without you even realizing. Here are 11 signs your husband loves you, without really saying it. Watch out for these, ladies, for actions speak louder than words sometimes.

Sign He Loves You 1: He shares the workload.

Be it household chores or something at work that you need assistance with, he always offers a helping hand and shares the load. And when you both have had a long day, he makes it a point that you’re not the only one doing all kinds of housework.

Sign He Loves You 2: He asks for your advice.

That’s because he has faith in your guidance. Besides that, your opinion and advice on anything and everything matters to him a lot. This is one of the most popular signs! Your husband loves you!!!

Sign He Loves You 3: He shops with you.

And for you too. Men find it one of the most difficult things to be shopping for women, so thank God for such an awesome hubby!

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Sign He Loves You 4: He always listens.

So what if you’ve been cribbing about your boss lately or been angry at your maid for coming late – you have your man’s ears…just like you always have your bestie to vent to!

Sign He Loves You 5: He let’s you take the final call.

From selecting which movie to go for to choosing the restaurant for dinner to the color of your next car, he lets you pick the things that are important to you because you mean a lot to him.

Sign He Loves You 6: He is chivalrous.

In a day and age when chivalry isn’t the top priority for most men, he makes it a point to hold the door or pull the chair, only to make you feel awesome!

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Sign He Loves You 7: He gets naughty time and again.

Be it a gentle (or a long and passionate) kiss, or a butt squeeze or a tight hug for no apparent reason, he’s all in, girl!

Sign He Loves You 8: He calls your family ever so often.

Just to ask how they are, and not out of any compulsion to be nice to you and your family.

Sign He Loves You 9: He plans little surprises for you.

An impromptu lunch or going to meet an old aunt you’ve been wanting to see…he cares for you.

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Sign He Loves You 10: He helps in whichever way possible.

And here we mean by getting your sanitary napkins or a tub of ice cream or your favorite chocolate - when it’s that time of the month.

Sign He Loves You 11: He plans romantic vacays often.

Or just some weekend getaways, only to do fun stuff together.

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