10 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Flirt With Your Guy Bestie!

10 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Flirt With Your Guy Bestie!

Most of us have fallen for our best friend at one point or the other. But because of the relationship we already share, we can never understand how to approach him or tell him about our feelings. Here are 10 easy ways to flirt with your guy bestie.

1. Compliment Him A Lot

Compliments are the easiest way to someone’s heart. Pick up something that you know is super important to him and compliment him on the same. But be sure not to overdo the compliments. You want to impress him not creep him out!

2. A Slight Touch

Use the power of the touch wisely. Start out slow with infrequent touches but increase the frequency over time. Touch is the most powerful non-verbal cue to tell someone you like them. A simple hand on the arm can increase feelings of intimacy between you two. But be mindful of how it is being received by him.

3. Eye Contact Can Work Wonders

Prolonged eye contact can convey a lot of messages. Look into his eyes while you’re both playing a game or while having an intense conversation. Slightly smile while looking at him, maintaining eye contact but don’t make it too uncomfortable. If he’s interested too, he’ll get the hint for sure!

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4. Surprise With A Treat!

You are in a position where you already know a lot about his likes and dislikes. Use this to your advantage by treating him to something special. It is a subtle yet effective way of flirting with him.

5. Body Language Hints

Body language cues can be strong indicators of attraction as well. Smile and lean in when he’s talking to you to show that you’re listening to everything he’s saying. You can also play with your hair or just graze his shoulder with your fingers when you’re with him!

6. Joke Around

Make silly, harmless jokes about you two dating or ending up together. See how he responds to it. If he does so positively, he might be interested in you too and you can take things further!

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7. Social Media Love

If flirting in real life is tough, use social media to your advantage. Send him cute selfies with silly captions on Snapchat that you don’t put as your story or leave cute comments on his Instagram pictures.

8. Show Genuine Interest

Show genuine interest in his life. Ask him about his day and listen attentively when he tells you about it. Have more meaningful conversations with him… Stuff that matters actually bonds people better!

9. Be His Special Friend!

You need to get him to stop seeing you as ‘just a friend’! Dress up a little more, make more plans to meet and just let him know how much you enjoy his attention and company!

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10. Ask Him Out…

… Albeit in a subtle, indirect way. Plan out a day for just the two of you where you can do something both of you like. Make it more cozy and intimate rather than fun and outdoorsy so that you two can bond a little!

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