Bhai Ki Shaadi? 13 *Cute* Ways To Make Your Bhabhi Happy!

Bhai Ki Shaadi? 13 *Cute* Ways To Make Your Bhabhi Happy!

Your brother is getting married and you cannot express how happy you are to welcome your new bhabhi home. Changing homes is tough and settling down into another family is not an easy task. Thus, we have a few things you can do for your bhabhi to make her feel a part of your family and help her adjust in her new home. Read on to help bond with your sister-in-law.

1. Open old albums with her

Share all the childhood memories of your brother with her. Take out the old albums and tell her stories behind the photos. Become a part of her gang and laugh with her at your brother’s funny pictures.

1 bond with your sister in law

2. Understand her

Rather than being a sister-IN-LAW, try to just be a sister with her. Talk to her and understand her likes and dislikes. From learning small things like her favourite cuisine or favourite dish to taking her out shopping, there are so many little things that can help strengthen your bond.

3. Tell her the inside gossip

Every family has some funny relatives who are often made fun of. Share funny stories about them with her and let her also become a part of the laughing club!

3 bond with your sister in law

4. Make her feel comfortable

Initially, when she comes home, she would feel awkward as she is new to the family and everybody has their attention on her. Help her during this time by striking conversations with her and making her feel at ease and comfortable.

5. Go shopping with her

When your mom takes her shopping, make sure you also go along with them. If at times, she doesn’t like something your mom wants to buy for her, you could step in and tell her not to buy it as you don’t like it. Your bhabhi wouldn’t be able to refuse your mum but you can. So watch her body language and help her escape any awkward situations.

5 bond with your sister in law

6. Plan a cousins’ holiday

Before the wedding madness begins, plan a getaway with your brother, your bhabhi, your cousins and her cousins. Being away from the eyes of all the elders will make all of you spend quality time together and would help you all get to know each other better. Plus, your brother and bhabhi would love you for taking them on this trip!

7. Be on her team

Tell her all the safe secrets about your brother, your mother, your father and other family members. And since you know your brother the best, help her get to know him better by planning surprises for him.

7 bond with your sister in law

8. Help her feel involved

Be it be family discussions, thought sharing moments at home or just casual conversations. As a newbie in the house, she would be awkward and conscious and would not be able to express herself openly. At this time, make her feel involved by asking her, her viewpoints and thoughts on the topic of discussion.

9. Be a bridesmaid to her

A bridesmaid is always from the girl’s side; her sisters and friends. But who says that you cannot be one? Plan a surprise bachelorette for her with her sisters and friends and break the boundaries between a sister and a sister in law.

9 bond with your sister in law

10. Plank together

As the bride-to-be and the sister of the groom, you both would be very conscious about your weight and would be exercising often to get fit before D-Day. Use this time and start going to the gym together. After all, those who plank together, stay together.

11. Raise a toast to your new friendship

Make plans for just the two of you to go out together. Sharing a few drinks would make you both loose and comfortable with each other and would allow the two of you to open up to each other. This will help both of you in finding a best friend in each other, one who they can always come up to with any problem.

11 bond with your sister in law

12. Dance with her

Surprise your family and guests by dancing together at the sangeet function. It is normal to see the bride dancing with her sister and her mother but seeing her dance with her sister-in-law would be a great surprise. Plus, the choreography and the practice sessions would be a bonding session for the both of you.

13. Make her feel like a sister

If it’s only you and your brother at home, then having her around is going to show you what it is going to be like to have a sister at home. Plan to go for movies together, shopping together and have fun together. Never let her feel like an outsider and make her feel a part of the family.

13 bond with your sister in law

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