What Happened When We Were Kissing… And A Guard Interrupted!

What Happened When We Were Kissing… And A Guard Interrupted!

Young love is kinda an idiot too. It doesn’t know when or where to spill over and when or where to restrict itself. For a lot of people, their first brush with romance is in college. I was no different.

We were in the same class and for about one whole semester, we did nothing but smile and wave at each other. In the beginning of the second semester we became friends and soon he proposed… I said yes. It was my first relationship so, I was having all of those mushy, lovey-dovey feelings and dreams. Romantic songs, late night chats, cute messages… Cupid had shot his arrow with full force!

On the last day of our college fest we were winding up when he texted me, ‘I want to kiss you.’ I smiled as I read his text and replied ‘LOL. You know we can’t. Not here.’ My phone beeped again seconds later and I couldn’t help but blush as I read his message, ‘Yes, we can. Meet me behind the auditorium in 5. And come soon… Can’t wait too long.’

About five minutes later I made my way to the designated location and found him standing between a pillar and a wall. I had never ever done this before. In fact, I had never even kissed someone before. As I stood there in front of him, smiling and slightly but visibly nervous, he took me by my hand and gently pulled me into his arms. I could feel my heart banging against my chest. ‘May I kiss you?’ he asked me. I nodded and he gently placed his lips on mine for a couple of seconds and then pulled away. He looked at me, perhaps trying to figure out if I was okay with it. I was more than okay. Seconds later we locked our lips again, this time in a deep and long kiss. I could feel his hands all over me as I sunk deeper into whatever I was feeling.

Internal making out

Suddenly, we heard footsteps. The mysterious feeling evaporated in a jiffy and fear took over. We couldn’t possibly get out of there without that person (whoever it was) seeing us because we were standing on a partially hidden side of a hallway. We couldn’t stay there either because if he passed by (which he did) he would see us. For a couple of seconds, we both drew a blank.

We could both only do one thing… Pretend that we were discussing something or looking for something and get out of there. So we started talking to each other making up random details about the fest and walking in the same direction as that person so that he saw our backs and we could walk ahead of him.

In a fleeting glance, I had seen that it was the guard. He got suspicious (obviously) and for the next 5 minutes followed us around to see where we went and what we did. My boyfriend noticed it too, so he said ‘Hey. I need to go talk to the cultural committee about something. I’ll be back.’ He said it loudly so the guard could hear it. He then went off in a different direction and I pretended to answer a phone call as I leisurely walked back to where I had been working earlier. After a few minutes when he saw that my boyfriend had not come back and I was working, his suspicion wore off a little and he left.

I heaved a sigh of relief. After about half an hour when we were about to leave we met in the parking. We were both a little shaken up because we knew, had he seen us making out we would have been in serious trouble.

But today, 5 years later, that’s one thing we still cannot stop laughing about.

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