10 latest saree blouse designs For Your Wedding!

10 latest saree blouse designs For Your Wedding!

Your wedding blouse is that one blouse you spend so much time thinking about it and want it to be nothing but perfect. Here are 10 wedding blouse designs that will make your wedding lehenga game super, super hot, and make you the most stunning bride, ever!

1. Cut-Out Shoulder

Cut-out shoulder or cold shoulders, as they are popularly known, is something you can totally experiment with and try on your wedding day. It is a designer blouse pattern for sarees that is effortlessly sexy and completely on trend.

2. Pom-Pom Love

Love bright colours and a mix of all things striking? Just add a few pom-poms as a clever accessory on your blouse design. Incorporate it as a latkan or just as accents like shown in the picture!

3. Sheer And Pop Coloured Embroidery

Sheer blouses with pop coloured embroidery are a great choice for your wedding day blouse. It makes your jewellery stand out and has a sexy air about it, without being too scandalous! You can get delicate embroidery that matches your lehenga and this will definitely look amazing!

4. Pretty Peplum

If you’re the bride-to-be who loves trying new styles or want something that covers your waist, this peplum style blouse is something you can definitely wear. The heavily embellished and intricately embroidered blouse is super pretty and will make you look beautiful!

5. Fringe And Tassels

If you love going all out and completely experimental, a fringed, tasseled blouse is the way to go! This blouse is going to stand out and is perfect for a winter wedding when it’s chilly and you want warm and comfortable! It’s very luxe, very statement-y and worth a try!

6. Sleeves With An Interesting Hem!

Going all out and bold is not for everyone, but hey, it’s all about the details, isn’t it? This blouse with the prettiest asymmetrically hemmed sleeves that are oh-so-perfect! This sort of a hem adds a li’l bit of detailing and a whole lot of sass to your ensemble!

7. Embellished Necklines

What’s better than having a blouse that comes with its own regal necklace too? Do away with the other embroideries and go for this one! The style is quite minimal, yet so striking, and will make for quite a blouse for your wedding day! You can also go for a blouse neck design with patch work for a different appeal.

8. Sheer And Sexy

Sheer, button down, bell sleeves and delicate embroidery all over… this one’s absolutely gorge! You can definitely try this with a bustier and be the badass bride who is also the ‘It’ girl!

9. Cape Of Bridal Dreams!

Capes are super hot this season and you should totally give them a shot! Add a fairytale twist to your wedding blouse by wearing a sheer, delicately embellished cape over it. It’ll look beautiful, fun and flirty!

10. Tassel Towner!

Latkans are love and they always make a blouse prettier! This pink blouse with delicate latkans on the back will look super beautiful on your wedding blouse. They’re basic but something you can never go wrong with!