Bestie Ki Shaadi? 10 Tips To Make Your Saree Look FAB!

Bestie Ki Shaadi? 10 Tips To Make Your Saree Look FAB!

If there is one garment that flatters every body type and defines each of those sexy curves… It’s the saree. And if your bestie is getting married, you must wear the ever elegant saree for at least one of her functions. Having said that, there are also a few tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you’re wearing the beautiful 9 yards. Here are 10 tips to wear a saree with confidence and look spectacular when you do so.

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1. Tying it at the right place

1 tips to wear a saree - woman in saree

The first and the most obvious thing is to know where exactly the petticoat should be tied. A saree too high looks awkward, and tying it too low will only make it difficult for you to walk. Slip into your heels so you know exactly where your petticoat should be tied. Even when you start tucking in the saree, make sure the length is just right. Nothing looks worse than your petticoat peeking out.

2. Picking the right petticoat

Now there are a few basics to keep in mind while picking your petticoat. Firstly, the colour of your petticoat should exactly match that of the saree. In case of a net saree, the petticoat clearly shows and otherwise too it shows from the bottom when you sit. Secondly, a stretch fabric like lycra will give you a better shape and it will be easy for you to move about too. You could even opt for a petticoat with side pleats to give your saree that beautiful flare.

3. Footwear makes a huge difference

3 tips to wear a saree - silver heels

Now what footwear you choose to wear makes a big difference. First things first, flats do nothing to flatter your overall look or your walk. When wearing a saree, it’s essential you wear heels even if they are just an inch high. Also, avoid wearing thin heels at an outdoor shaadi venue since they end up digging into the ground. Block heels are your best bet and opt for strappy stilettos instead of footwear that is closed from the front. They just look better with sarees.

4. Pre-pleating always helps

Make the pleats of your saree before you actually start draping it. This helps you figure out the exact length of the pallu. A short pallu just ends up looking weird and something too long will take away from the final look of the saree. Pre-pleat your saree and make sure the pallu falls at the perfect length.

5. Do not ignore the blouse

5 tips to wear a saree - saree blouse

A well stitched blouse can make all the difference to your look. You don’t want hanging shoulders or sleeves that end at the wrong length. Also, if you’re wearing a padded bra, make sure the pads are of the correct size and shape and are placed correctly. Be extra cautious about this to avoid a major fashion blunder.

6. Bra basics

Along with the blouse, what bra you wear also makes a major difference. If your blouse is not padded, make sure you try it with the bra you’ll be wearing it at the wedding. A lot of times the shoulder straps and back straps peep out of the blouse and nothing looks worse than that. A well fitted bra that supports your breasts nicely is a must.

7. You have to pin it right

7 tips to wear a saree - indian woman in saree

So, the important thing is that you’ve got to use safety pins generously when wearing a saree… Specially if it’s your first time! Make sure you have a combination of big and medium size pins to secure the pallu and the pleats. Pin the pleats to the petticoat and do make sure that the pins are not visible. This will also ensure that you can totally chill at the bestie’s wedding without worrying about your saree coming off.

8. The fabric story

Your bestie ki shaadi means you’ll have some amount of running around to do. And you’ll be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. In such a situation it only makes sense that you opt for lighter fabrics such as georgettes and chiffons. Kanjeevarams can make you look bulky and kota-cotton or khadis are stiff fabrics that don’t do much to flatter your figure.

9. Experiment with styles!

9 tips to wear a saree - indian woman in orange saree

There are just so many styles available in the market today. From lehenga sarees to the pre-draped ones, gown sarees and even dhoti sarees… There is so much out there. And some of these are pretty easy to wear too! So do try out the various styles and drapes before you buy your final outfit for your bestie ki shaadi.

10. The perfect pallu

How you style your pallu can make all the difference to your look. Some sarees demand an open pallu, whereas, sometimes you need a nicely gathered pallu to flatter your curves. Apart from these we even have a lot of traditional pallu draping styles to take inspiration from. So try your saree a few days before the wedding to make sure you pick a pallu style that looks best on you!

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