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10 Times In Life It Is *Perfectly* Okay To Not Be Okay!

10 Times In Life It Is *Perfectly* Okay To Not Be Okay!

As an adult, one has to often acknowledge that things aren’t always going to go our way. But even then, we are too apprehensive to show how we feel. We’d rather swallow all our emotions than tell anyone that we are not in the best place at the moment. Here are 10 times in life it’s okay to not be okay (no, really!)

1. After a breakup

You cannot beat yourself up and keep going over things in your head because it is not going to change the fact that you just got your heart broken. Give yourself space and time to heal and recover from the incident.

1 okay to not be okay

2. A professional failure

Someone else at work got the promotion you were eyeing or you missed out on landing your dream job - retrospect and go over what went wrong and what could you have done better. After all, mistakes are stepping stones to success.

3. Passing away of a loved one

We all have a subconscious acknowledgement of the fact that our time in this world is limited. Yet, when we come face to face with death, we are unable to process the enormousness of the situation. We put our brave face on while we are grieving inside and just need time off to deal with it.

4. Academic setbacks  

We all have been through situations when we studied really hard but our grades didn’t match our expectations or the time when we thought we were going to get a place in the college of our choice - but that didn’t quite work out. But trust us when we say this, everything happens for a reason and everything does work out in the end.

4 okay to not be okay

5. After an argument

It can be with friends, family or your partner but an argument with a loved one is never a pleasant experience. But what fundamentally went wrong was that no one was willing to hear the other out, allowing the situation to aggravate. So once the wave of anger passes, just sit with them with a composed temperament and sort things out.

6. While feeling uninspired

Even if we love our jobs there will be days when nothing seems to be going our way. We might feel uninspired and unproductive but overthinking the situation will only make it worse. Taking a break and clearing our head, on the other hand, will make us feel better.

7.  When treated unfairly

Be it on a professional or personal front, when we are criticised for something which is not our fault, we end up feeling terrible and quite worthless really. And it is okay to express our emotions. But it is as important to stand up for ourselves in such situations, no matter how difficult it might seem.

7 okay to not be okay

8. On our periods

On a bad day, it may very well appear that the world is coming to an end and taking us along with it. And instead of trying to fix things and make them work, it okay to not feel alright during that time of the month. Munching on some chocolate will definitely make a difference!

9. The time when loneliness creeps in

Sometimes it is just like a bolt from the blue - you are watching your favourite show and suddenly you are struck with sudden pangs of loneliness. But just as we crave our personal space from time to time, it is completely okay to feel the opposite.

10. What-am-I-doing-with-my-life phenomenon

It happens to all of us - the fatal realization that life has become predictable and almost boringly comfortable. This realisation is important because only then we will feel motivated to do something about it.

10 okay to not be okay

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