17 Dirty Thoughts You Have When You Send Him A *Sexy* Picture!

17 Dirty Thoughts You Have When You Send Him A *Sexy* Picture!

Whether we’re in a long distance relationship or simply in the mood for some sweet action, most of us girls have sent our boyfriends a *sexy* picture at some stage or another. Teasing him visually is not only an instant turn on, but it’ll also make him crave for your love even more. Here are 17 thoughts girls have when they send a sexy picture *Wink*

1. Matching bra, matching underwear, his eyes are going to be in for a treat!

2. Gosh! I can’t believe I look so hot in this selfie. I would totally do me.

3. Sexy pout, check. Messy hair, check. A killer cleavage - also check!

3 send a sexy picture

4. Two blue ticks, and him online? I bet he can’t take his eyes off me!

5. If only he knew how much I miss and want him by my side right NOW.

6. Oh, wait? He sent me a shirtless picture of him.

6 send a sexy picture

7. Has he been working out recently? Damn, those abs look so fine!

8. If he was in my bed right now, I bet I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself.

9. He just texted back saying he wants to touch me all over!

9 send a sexy picture

10. Little does he know I feel the same way about him too.

11. Maybe I should send him a striptease video of myself.

12. Would a Boomerang video be sexier?

12 send a sexy picture

13. I think another saucy selfie should do the trick.

14. I bet he’s hard right now. That kinda explains why he’s online and taking so long to reply.

15. Another picture of him in his boxers?!

15 send a sexy picture

16. This is getting hotter with every text message.

17. The next time I meet him, I’m going to handcuff him to the bed and make out with him like there’s no tomorrow!

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