17 Funny Thoughts Every Girl Has While Having Sex… In The Car!

17 Funny Thoughts Every Girl Has While Having Sex… In The Car!

Have you ever thought how hot car sex would be? Yup, we all have, haven’t we? There's just something super exciting about having sex in a closed space while also giving the rest of the world one chance to catch you if they can! Who wouldn’t want that? But, as always, the car sex we’ve seen in movies and read about in books is nothing like car sex IRL. Here are 17 thoughts girls have while having sex in a car!

1. ‘Ooh, I am finally doing something kinky tonight!’

1 car sex - girl excited yay

2. ‘I know it’s the risk of getting caught but I am totally feeling this!’

3. ‘It’s going to be HOT. HOT. HOT.’

4. ‘I can’t really reach him though. This gear is right up in my face!’

4 car sex - surprised what is this

5. ‘For a car that can fit five people, there is really no space in here!’

6. ‘Maybe I should sexily recline the seat while sitting on top of him…’

7. ‘Bad decision! I hope I didn’t hurt his back!’

7 car sex - archer holy shit

8. ‘Great, now we ended up honking. The whole neighbourhood will know!’

9. ‘Wait, where do my legs go though?’

10. ‘Okay, we’re moving to the backseat. We can still save the day!’

10 car sex - lets do it determined girl

11. ‘How long has this half-eaten sandwich been here? Really should have cleaned up before!’

12. ‘Is the car moving like it does in the movies?’

13. ‘Oooh, oooh, do we look as sexy as Leo and Kate did in Titanic?’

13 car sex - hot hot hot

14. ‘If someone catches us, do we get arrested or something?’

15. ‘If only it wasn’t this hot! Is the AC really on full blast?’

16. ‘Kudos to people who can make being stuck in awkward positions while having sex look sexy! Because I don't think I have it in me.’

16 car sex - sarcastic clap

17. ‘Next time, I’m gonna need some pre-gaming before this… If you know what I mean!’

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