17 Thoughts You Have When Meeting The In-Laws For The First Time

17 Thoughts You Have When Meeting The In-Laws For The First Time

Meeting the in-laws is one meeting that is guaranteed to give you sleepless nights. And you’re probably stressed about it even more than that big job interview. And why is that, well, that’s something we can’t really put in words. It’s just a mix of so many emotions and of course, a million thoughts. And it’s not just before the meeting. Your mind will be buzzing with the weirdest of thoughts even during the meeting! So girls, here are 17 thoughts every girl has when she meets her in-laws for the first time. Do let us know how the meeting went!!

1. ‘Here they come! Closer and closer and oh-my-God, they’re almost here!

1 meeting the in laws - kapil sharma show

2. ‘Wait, no one told me if I’m supposed to touch their feet or is it too soon?’

3. ‘Hello Aunty, Hello Uncle… So nice to meet you. #MentallyPreparingMyself’

4. ‘Thank God, it’s not like those old hindi movies. I was so not going to get chai and all.’

5. Oooo… mummy ji is totally checking me out!!’

5 meeting the in laws - priyanka chopra

6. ‘And she’s giving me some tough competition on the fashion front. Hmmm….’

7. ‘I hope my dress looks okay. I should’ve totally worn the other one.’

8. ‘Btw, the boy looks cute. But…’

9. ‘My dad and uncle/ papa ji totally seem to have hit it off.’

9 meeting the in laws - aishwarya rai happy

10. ‘Okay, things seem to be moving quickly.’

11. ‘I am so not ready for this.’

12. ‘And are they really the Mumma - Papa kinds?’

13. ‘Uh-uh why is there silence. Why is nobody talking?! #Awkward’

13 meeting the in laws - sonam kapoor

14. ‘Come on Neha, think of something to say, WITHOUT sounding dumb!’

15. ‘Breath - Smile - Breath - Smile!’

16. ‘One hour, and I finally feel at ease.’

17. ‘These people are nice. And yeah, I think I could say yes to another meeting without losing my mind.’

17 meeting the in laws - anushka sharma

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

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