13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has During The *First* Movie Date!

13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has During The *First* Movie Date!

When you’re in a new relationship or about to be in one, every ‘first’ is so important and so eventful! A girl never forgets her first movie date with a special someone although we usually have gazillion things running through our heads at the time! Grab some popcorn and read on…

1. Are we going to hold hands during the movie?

Cannot wait to find out!

1 movie date - tina fey excited

2. *Cursory glance around theatre* Hope no one I know is around?

Nothing will ruin this experience for me like bumping into Sharma aunty here!

3. Should we buy popcorn now or in the interval?

He’s going to think I’m such a glutton if I tell him I want popcorn now and nachos in the interval.

3 movie date - raven cringing

4. Oh good, he bought popcorn!

He plays for team bhukkad and I love it.

5. Oh wait, there’s only one coke. We are going to share – does that mean we are official now?

Let me not get ahead of myself!

5 movie date - selena gomez shy

6. I love that we made it in time for the trailers. I hate missing them at the start!

Full marks to him for punctuality. Ladka approved.

7. OMG the lights are out…

What do I do with my hands now?! Can he hear me breathe? I hope I smell nice…

7 movie date - you need to calm down

8. I can feel his elbow touching mine. Should I do something?

My mind is *not* on the movie!

9. Should I ask him what they just said, I didn’t understand the dialogue.

He’s going to think I’m dumb! Forget it.

9 movie date - that's it

10. OMG, he’s leaning in….

It was just to ask me what they just said in the movie. False alarm!

11. The actress in the movie is so hot!

We should have picked another movie…

11 movie date - zoey deschanel speechless

12. Aww, I just caught him stealing a glance - so his eyes are still on me!

Take that, Priyanka Chopra!

13. *After an anxiety-filled 3 hours* Why did the movie end, we were having such a nice time!

I’m going to save the tickets to remember this day forever!

13 movie date - rachel excited

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