10 Things NOT To Worry About Before A Rishta Meeting (So Relax!)

10 Things NOT To Worry About Before A Rishta Meeting (So Relax!)

There is something about arranged marriages that makes them so interesting and exciting. The whole thrill behind meeting a new person and deciding whether you want to spend the rest of your life with him, whoa! And, despite what people feel, arranged marriages can work wonders for some people. If you have decided to go the arranged way, your parents and relatives must be super excited about their search for the *perfect* guy for daughter dearest. But, while everyone else is going cray, you have to be really calm and composed when you go meet your potential hubby and his folks for the first time. Here are some things you don’t need to worry about during those rishta meetings.

1. What you’re wearing

Yes sure, look your bestest ever! But, do not worry about looking like the stereotypical bahus you see in TV serials. If you think that a simple suit or jeans and a tee suit you best, so be it! The people are here to get to know you, not check out your sartorial choices. So, chill!

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2. What your potential in-laws will think of you

Of course it’s natural to want them to like you, but you do want them to like you for you. There’s no need to behave in a way that is unnatural for you. So, if at any point during the rishta meeting you feel that you’re being unnecessarily judged, do not be fazed. If anything, you just got a valid reason to turn them down and extend your search for a family that appreciates you the way you are!

3. What your parents will think if you say ‘no’

They are your parents! Anybody in the world can go against you, but they won’t! Chances are that if you do not like the guy and his family, they will understand. You can always relax and let mummy daddy know. After all, they will always have your best interests at heart.

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4. Your lack of culinary skills

So what if your culinary skills are limited to maggi and chai? You are a girl with a thousand other qualities. It’s great if you like to cook, but if you are a bit challenged in that department, it’s not really a deal breaker nor is it a fair way to judge anyone’s competence as a wife. Relax!

5. The fact that you earn as much or more than him

So what? This is the 21st century! Your fields are different, your companies are different and so are your packages! How does that have anything to do with your compatibility as life partners? Your wavelengths should match at a personal level. And anyway, when it comes to marriage, the motto is ‘what’s mine is yours’ and vice versa. *wink*

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6. You are unable to act coy

Arrey! You are a bold, modern and confident girl, so just be yourself! You shouldn’t need to act like somebody you are not. And, if you do get married to this guy, he should anyway be able to get to know the real you.

7. You cannot be perfect at everything, relax

You are a great person, you have a good job, you can even cook, but you are not very social. So? Does that make you any less amazing? No, it doesn’t! You are human and so you cannot be fabulously perfect at everything.

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8. Don’t be scared to ask him questions

You are on your way to maybe becoming life partners. You cannot just let the guy and his parents take over. You are equally obliged to ask as many questions as you want. About his likes, dislikes, what he is looking for in a life-partner, his past, future plans - everything! You have all the right in the world to know.

9. Also, don’t be hesitant about sharing your past with him

Like you have a right to know everything about your prospective partner, he does too! Do not hide important things from him. Of course, you don’t need to spill all in your very first meeting. We’re talking about if things go well and you get to a third or fourth date and you see a future with this guy. He will understand everything you say if he is the one for you. Otherwise, better luck next time!

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10. The outcome of the meeting

Just remember that you were at your best. So, do not worry about what the outcome will be. If things work out - great, If they don’t, it’s not the end of the world!

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