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10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Facebook!

10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Facebook!

Facebook is literally a treasure trove of all things useful. We use it to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones, keep up with the news, nurture our creative interests, sometimes even promote a business. Facebook is a gift of a social network, which keeps on giving. Here are 10 things you can do on Facebook.

1. ‘Other Inbox’

This has been implemented for some time now and the other messenger inbox gives you the liberty to check and reply to messages from people outside your friend’s list, at your discretion. For us girls, it definitely helps in keeping the trolls away!  

2. Up your security game

You can customise your privacy settings in a way that anyone who is not a friend of a friend won’t be able to send you a friend request. You can block people who are being difficult and before every post, you can decide the number of people whom it would be visible to.

3. Advanced chat settings

Are there people in your friend’s list whom you wouldn’t want to connect with on the messenger app? You can make that happen as well.

3  things you can do on facebook - block people

4. Live out your memories - in real time

Gone are the days when we used to painstakingly choose pics and upload albums on Facebook. Now, be it at a wedding, a vacation or a friend’s birthday party you can go live then and there or post stories on Facebook which will be available for your friends to watch for the next 24 hours!

5. Block game requests

Aren’t we all grateful to have this been finally implemented so that we are not bombarded with incessant requests to play Candy Crush and Farmville by just about everyone in our friend’s list!

6. Voice and video calls

You can add people to your conversations, send files, voice call up to 50 people and video call too! And for free no less. Now, isn’t that awesome.

6  things you can do on facebook - video chat

7.  Disable seen on your chat

This is such a genuine relief for the times we don’t feel like replying to a chat simply because we are ‘not in the mood’.

8. Search it out

You might not be able to find a person you are looking for, but if you are trying to locate one of you or your friend’s post you can just do it by typing in the name and a keyword from the post. That is super convenient!

9. Stop autoplay

9  things you can do on facebook - stop auto play

Remember those embarrassing times when you are just scrolling through your Facebook feed at work and the video starts playing WITH the sound! The sheer horror of it all. But now you can go to the videos and photos section and turn off the autoplay button. Plus - turning it off means that you save some precious data!

10. To read things later

You can use the save link feature in a post’s drop down menu to bookmark interesting articles which you would want to browse through in some time!

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