10 Things No Woman Likes To Be Told About Her Body!

10 Things No Woman Likes To Be Told About Her Body!

The scrutiny around women's bodies is so exhausting that often we ourselves buy into the notion that we shouldn’t be feeling comfortable in our own skin. That we should be aspiring towards this godforsaken utopian world where everyone is a size zero, or the right kind of curvy - you know, the one that allows you to be effectively objectified. Our bodies have been policed and politicized - we were asking for it, even when we weren’t. Every third person feels entitled to make an inappropriate remark about our bodies - here are 10 things women do not want to hear about their bodies.

1. ‘Don't you need to get rid of that double chin?’

Why? So that I look nothing like myself?

1 women do not want to hear - mindy kaling

2. ‘That’s a great look! Have you lost weight?’

Err…no. But have you lost your mind?

3. ‘How could you possibly wear a crop top? You know, with that tummy?’

Are you seriously asking me how I can wear clothes?

4. ‘You can hide your problem areas by having a straight posture’

Exsqueeze me? I have no problem areas, barring you, at this moment.

4 women do not want to hear  - amy poehler

5. ‘A short haircut won’t suit you. Your face will just look fat’

Nope. My face will just look like itself and I like the idea of not washing my hair every other day.

6. ‘Can your guy still lift you up?’

What do you mean by still? Also, why does an adult have to pick up another adult? Does it count if I can lift him up?

7. ‘You could just exercise, you know.’

And you could just stop talking, you know?

7 women do not want to hear - girl speaking

8. ‘Have you stopped waxing?’

No, but please tell me, how the heck is my body hair any of your problems?

9. ‘Where are your curves, girl?’

Nope. My curves (or their lack thereof) are not up for debate. I have better thing to do in life than mope in your incessant critique.

10. ‘Muscular girls aren’t beautiful.’

Oh, really? Maybe they can knock the living daylights out of you and then you can change your mind about them?

10 women do not want to hear - jennifer anniston

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