What Is Tantric Sex? 11 Things Every Girl Should Know About It!

What Is Tantric Sex? 11 Things Every Girl Should Know About It!

If you’re a Sex And The City fan, you might have a slight hint of what ‘Tantric Sex’ is like but for all the others, here are a few quick answers to some of your tantric sex queries. Know that it’s not that hard and it probably will be the next fun thing to do with your partner. Here are 11 of your tantric sex questions...answered!

1. What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is an ancient Hindu practice that has been going on since ages. It is a slow form of sex that increases intimacy and is said to lead you to powerful orgasms. Intrigued? Read on to know more!

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2. But why should one try tantric sex?

Tantric sex increases the time you spend during a sexual act with your partner. Couples who engage in this feel that they are ‘dissolving in each other’. In simple terms, it is just a technique to slow and ah-mazing sex.

3. How can we try tantric sex?

Create a space by cleaning the room and lighting essential oils. Sit face to face with him and start heavy breathing along with slow foreplay moves. The idea is to take it slow and to have the ability to control your mind through energy.

4. How is tantric sex a slow process?

It’s just taking things slowly by channelizing your energy in the right direction. It is a step by step process which starts with eye contact and moves through foreplay tactics leading to super hot sex. It’s about being aware of every movement you make.

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5. Why make so many efforts?

Because of multiple orgasms. Yes! Also, for couples who have a knack for trying something new, tantric sex is the ultimate experiment! The slow indulgence will keep you at the peak of your pleasure and will prolong the climax. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

6. How will it benefit my relationship with him?

These days, due to our super busy schedules, we rarely get to focus on the real stuff. Tantric sex is all about spending intimate, quality time with your partner. Since it is a slow process you will definitely be spending a lot more time with your partner!

7. Can I practice tantric sex without a partner?

As funny as it may sound, tantric sex is also about your relationship with yourself. You just need the energy to travel up to your spine by allowing yourself to take deep breaths and concentrate on your breathing.

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8. What if two people already have a high sexual drive?

Ultimately, tantric sex is a more extensive way of having sex and is different from the everyday sex or quickies every couple indulges in. Both are different from each other and thus can be practiced, differently!

9. Will I be able to get it at once?

Just like any other skill, tantric sex will require practice. Some couples get it soon while others take time. However, with the right technique and enough practice, you will definitely be able to ace it.

10. How long does one tantric session last?

It mostly depends on every couple as to how fast or slow they want to take it. However, the slower the better.

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11. Do people really practice this regularly?

Although an ancient practice, it is a slightly different and uncommon one in today's day that not many people have actually tried it. However, many couples who want to try new things or get more intimate in the bedroom have given it a shot.

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