10 Things All Men Think Are Drop Dead *Sexy* - In The Bedroom!

10 Things All Men Think Are Drop Dead *Sexy* - In The Bedroom!

Every woman wonders what is it that men find sexy in the bedroom. There are so many things that women do unknowingly that they find extremely sexy and get turned on by... Almost immediately! Here are 10 things men find sexy in the bedroom and love it when women do it!

1. Experimenting A Little

A regular dose of experiments is what makes sex so much fun. Pull your man into the bedroom without him asking for it and try something new and extreme that you’ve been wanting to try for a while.

2. Exploring His Body

Explore his body a little, ladies! Kiss him on different parts of his body and find out his secret turn on spots. Your willingness to please him and your boldness will turn him on so much and he’ll find it extremely sexy!

2 things men find sexy in the bedroom

3. Talk, Talk, Talk!

You know what men really want? To know what’s on your mind! Knowing your deep, dark fantasies and then acting them out for you is really, really sexy for your man! It is the confidence with which you tell him that is way more exciting for him than the actual act.

4. Doing Some Work

Why should men do all the work? When you get on top and do all the hard work, it’s something men really crave for! They love to lay back and enjoy the view while you do the work.

4 things men find sexy in the bedroom

5. Lingerie Love

Sexy lingerie is the ultimate turn on! While all men may not love the lace and the frills, they definitely love anything that is a good tease and makes their imagination go wild!

6. A Sense Of Humour

There is no doubt about it that sex is messy. But having a sense of humour can make uncomfortable moments extremely sexy as well. Laugh off any accidents instead of feeling weird about it and that’ll make him desire you more!

6 things men find sexy in the bedroom

7. Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is sexy, ladies! Talking about what you want to do to him and what you want him to do is such a powerful turn on! They find nothing sexier than a woman who isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants!

8. Moaning Is Sexy

Don’t be scared to make some noise! He needs to know what you love and what isn’t working for you. Plus, making you moan adds to his confidence as well because it makes him feel that he is giving you so much pleasure!

8 things men find sexy in the bedroom

9. Pleasuring Yourself

It may sound counter-intuitive, but men love it when you take a step or two to pleasure yourself! Not only is it hot for him to see you do it, he’ll also learn how to get you off!

10. Striptease

Put on some sensual music, a sexy outfit and unleash your inner sex goddess! Seeing you perform for him and be so seductive is a huge, huge turn on for men!

10 things men find sexy in the bedroom

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