10 Things ALL Men Do Right Before Sex… But Won’t Admit To!

10 Things ALL Men Do Right Before Sex… But Won’t Admit To!

If you thought you were the only one who prepped herself before getting into bed with him, you’re wrong. Most women have a mental to-do list they make before they meet the boyfriend for…you know what! *Wink*

Well, your boyfriend does it too! Here are 10 things men do before sex but just won’t admit.

1. Shave and keep clean

Of course, that’s the first thing that strikes everyone. He wants to be all clean and tidy before he meets you.

2. Tidy up the room!

Even if that means dumping everything kept on the bed, into the cupboard.

2 things men do before sex- minion cleaning the room

3. Gives his body a good look in the mirror

Of course he does! From different angles and different sides. He kinda checks himself out, before you do!

4. Get some great music ready

Makes an exhaustive playlist of your favourite songs that will help you get in the mood!

4 things men do before sex- playlist selecting

5. Place the condoms at the right distance

This one’s super important. Be it keeping them beside the bedside drawer or under the pillow, the condom needs to be in a place that’s handy!

6. Spray some perfume

He checks for the slightest body odour. He wants to smell amazing around you and spritz his fav perfume, just before he sees you!

6 things men do before sex- ian somerhalder

7. Grab some mints

To evade all that bad breath from the junk he’s been eating all day.

8. Put his best boxers on

He will never accept this, but if you thought it was just you who wore sexy lingerie when you met him, you’re so wrong. He too, wears the best pair of boxers he owns, just for you, ladies!

8 things men do before sex hot guy abs

9. Get all the food ready for the post-sex binge!

What’s a heated sex session if it’s not followed by some great food? He secretly gets that packet of chips you love to surprise you!

10. Last minute business

And lastly, he makes sure he pees before you two get to business!

10 things men do before sex- sharing noodles couple

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