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13 Things I *Wish* I Had Known Before My Wedding Day!

13 Things I *Wish* I Had Known Before My Wedding Day!

Your wedding day is one occasion in your life that you really plan for, for months in advance, sometimes even years perhaps. Everything’s got to be perfect and nothing short of that, right? And in my case, after all that planning and effort, the 2-3 days of celebrations and festivity passed by in a jiffy! While some things were expected and planned out well, others were absolutely unexpected and unforeseen. Brides-to-be, in this post, I’m going to tell about the 13 things I wish I knew before my wedding. Take note, ladies.

1. There is just no substitute for a wedding planner.

DIY weddings may have their own charm, but in order to completely enjoy the best day of your life, you SHOULD hire a planner. They do take care of every little detail. Because my love, you shouldn’t be the one fretting over the lilies and orchids in the centerpiece that refuse bloom.

2. You need to eat on the day of your wedding.

Listen to your mom. She is always right. Those butterflies in your stomach will keep you constantly anxious, and an empty tummy growls! And this you will realise only on the stage. Too late baby, too late.

3. Last-minute beauty treatments are a gamble.

And no you must not be willing to take that risk. Even if your skin is well behaved most of the time.

3 i knew before my wedding - woman in a face mask

4. There’s no need to splurge on the wedding dress.

All that once-in-a-lifetime emotional drama is a marketing gimmick. Don’t fall for it. Just get something you are comfortable wearing and will be proud to pass on to the gen next.

5. Pencil heels are a big no-no!

Don’t even bother with those sexy looking pencil heels, you’d be far better in flats. Choose your footwear wisely.

6. Learning to pose is important too.

No matter how perfect your selfies are, your wedding album will have quite a few staged shots and for that, rehearsals would be nice!

6 i knew before my wedding - woman posing

7. Trial runs are a must!

Of everything – from the dress to the makeup to the hair. Try it once before the D-day, just so that there are no overwhelming shocks or surprises.

8.  Communicate efficiently with the photographer.

Do that beforehand. So that they can get the best out of you both as a couple and the awesome décor you painstakingly planned.

9. Let the DJ know your music choice.

Like the bridal entry, pheras, bidai…it all needs to match up in the end.

9 i knew before my wedding - anushka sharma dancing

10. Be selective when making your guestlist.

You don’t really want too many unfamiliar faces around you on the most special day of your life.

11. Remember it is about you and him, and no one else!

As much as it is about your fairytale wedding, make time between the ceremony and reception to be alone with your man. Remember, it’s his day too.

12. There is no point in freaking out about the tiny details.

No one will remember the monogrammed napkins. Only the significant memories will be cherished. Choose them.

12 i knew before my wedding - zoey deschanel freaking out

13. Take time to pause, breathe and take it all in.

You sure won’t be doing this all over again. Make the most of it!

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