Dear Hubby, 10 Things I Want To Say To You On Our Wedding Day!

Dear Hubby, 10 Things I Want To Say To You On Our Wedding Day!

Dear husband-to-be,

I love how you just have to look at my face to know what’s in my heart. But these days, I am a mixed bag of emotions and I never really know what’ll upset me, what’ll get me laughing or what’ll freak me out. So, let me just list out the things that I know I’d want to tell my husband on our wedding, but may not be able to. This should give you ample time for any prior prep. Yes?

1. You’re the only person I am depending upon to take care of me, in a family otherwise unknown to me.

Yes you’ve told me all about your family, and I’ve also met them a few times, but living with them is a different story altogether. I just hope that in the first few months, when I’d really miss my own clan, you’re there to shower me with love and care.

1 want to tell my husband - couple holding hands

2. I’d be dressing up for you, as your bride. I hope you have trouble taking your eyes off me. And I hope you tell me as much.

Yes, I am asking you to be generous in your compliments. Why else would I spend so much time dressing up, boy?

3. My parents have really high expectations of you. I’d love you more, if you met them.

Actually you just have to keep me happy to become their favourite boy, ever. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

3 want to tell my husband - mother and son

4. I’d listen to, understand and repeat our wedding vows with complete sincerity. I hope you’d do the same for me on our wedding day.

It would mean the world to me.

5. I want us to take time out for some fun posing. I want great pictures of our wedding, you know?

Honestly, I want our future kids to point at our pictures and cry about having missed all the fun!

5 want to tell my husband - kala chashma

6. I know I’d be feeling nervous and jittery on our wedding. Would you hold my hand, keep me close and just sorta keep comforting me throughout?

Make me feel safe about stepping into this new life, leaving my family behind. Make me feel, like this plunge is worth it.

7. I’d be looking forward to our first night, after the celebrations.

I hope it’s full of kisses and cuddles, baby.

7 want to tell my husband - newlywed couple in bed

8. On our wedding day, I would be smiling on the outside. But on the inside, those high heels, hundreds of hairpins and heavy jewellery would be killing me.

Help me take them all off, at the earliest, please?

9. I hope you welcome me in your home, your room, your life in a way that I’ll never forget.

In a way that I’d never want to leave it. In a way, that it would make me miss my old life a little less.

9 want to tell my husband - up movie

10. I really do hope our wedding is the beginning of our happily married, forever after.

This day, when you take me as your wife, I hope deep in your heart, that you promise to be with me, through thick and thin, in health and sickness, till death do us part.

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