15 Naughty (And Nice) Things He Wants You To Say… In Bed!

15 Naughty (And Nice) Things He Wants You To Say… In Bed!

While you and your boyfriend are getting down to some fun times, the things you whisper in his ears could make a lot of difference to what he does to you on bed. If you’re looking for super naughty yet nice things to say to him during the act, then you have come to the right place. Here are 15 things he wants to hear that will turn him on...even more!

1. ‘I want you so bad!’

Every guy wants to feel like he is wanted (more) by the woman he is with and saying this will just make him give his hundred percent attention to you!

1. things he wants to hear

2. ‘I love seeing you like this...naked!’

If you like what you see, it’s only fair you let him know!

3. ‘Looking in your eyes makes me really weak in my knees, y’know.’

Well, he should know what those big brown eyes do to you, right?

4. ‘Remember how you made me moan last week? DO IT AGAIN!’

The boy needs to know how good last time was and you’re still thinking about it!

5. ‘Don’t stop!’

Well, everyone likes to know that they’re doing well and that you appreciate. *wink*

5. things he wants to hear

6. ‘I really love you!’

Oh well, you need to let him know how you feel after all! And THIS is the best time!

7. ‘I want you to lick my neck.’

Because this is one of the most important erogenous zones and you will thank both him and us after he is done!

8. ‘You’re the only one who gives me these dirty thoughts!’

He should know how he turns you on...instantly!

9. ‘I love to feel you on top of me’

Slyly telling him your favourite position, this one!

9. things he wants to hear

10. ‘Go ahead, spank me.’

Because spanking is one of the best things that happens during sex, right?

11. ‘Tie me up and do what you’ve never done!!’

BDSM is a fun way to take a break from the mundane sex rituals.

12. ‘I love these shivers I get when you grab my hair.’

Every girl loves the hair grabbing and guys love to be told to do that again!

13. ‘I love the way you smell’

Smelling good just makes everything twice as more exciting and so complimenting your man on the same will make him happy (and turned on!!)

13 things he wants to hear

14. ‘This is my happiest place.’

The aww moments should keep coming.

15. ‘I like being told what to do, what do you want me to do next?’

Let the guy feel that he can equally take control of the situation

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