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10 Things Your Guy *Really* Wishes You Knew About Him!

10 Things Your Guy *Really* Wishes You Knew About Him!

On some fundamental level, we girls don’t get boys. They can be romantic and mushy in one moment and temperamental and aloof in another. Their mood swings can be just as frequent as ours and at the end of the day we are just left wondering, ‘Is he just not into me?’ But men too, are only human. Here are 10 things guys wish girls knew about their mind.

1. They are as worried about their physical appearance

In our society, men are brought up to uphold the impossible notion of being emotionally and physically strong at all times. They are expected to be fit, be into sports and refrain from anything which is considered inherently feminine. Because of this, men are constantly conscious about if they look ‘manly enough’.

1 things guys wish girls knew - gut talking to the mirror

2. Guys are sensitive too

You might think that he is unfazed by a missed promotion at work or the time he was unaffected by your curt words. Yes, guys have feelings too, even when they don’t choose to speak about it out loud.

3. A shared love of rom-coms

Yes, most guys romantic comedies. They are as enamoured by what transpires on screen as much as you are. These movies also give them the idea to plan the perfect date nights for you!

4. Tad bit of space

You might be irrevocably in love with each other but everyone needs a bit of privacy just to unwind on their own. You can’t really blame guys for asking for the same.

4 things guys wish girls knew - girl speaking

5. Making the first move is tough

Again, societal norms dictate that men make the first move and ask a woman out on a date. But, damn, that’s tough. Imagine mustering all your courage to ask someone out only to be rejected outright. We think men deserve a bit more appreciation from the ladies for doing this.

6. They enjoy the attention

Having a beautiful and confident woman in your arms is the biggest source of validation there is. And a guy is likely to enjoy public display of affection because it implies that you are equally smitten by him.  

7. Their friends mean a lot

Every man has his close group of friends who mean the world to him and whose opinions he values a lot. If you are able to impress his friends, that’s half the battle won.

7 things guys wish girls knew - guys sitting on a couch

8. Less interruptions, please

We girls take it personally when our boyfriends don’t give us time and are busy with their friends, watching a cricket match or on a night out. But think about it - would we have liked to constantly be on our phone while our best girls are over?

9. They think about their future

They may not do it out aloud and give you the impression of being lazy bums, but they certainly build castles in the air from time to time!

10. The way to his heart…

Is indeed through his stomach. Guys love a good meal and if you can whip one up for him or take him to a fantastic restaurant you will definitely end up in his good books.

10 things guys wish girls knew - girl making breakfast

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