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7 Things Guys *Really* Want To Tell Girls But Don’t!

7 Things Guys *Really* Want To Tell Girls But Don’t!

Girls, all of us have a few things that we don’t share with our guy and it’s okay. We can share those things with them when the time is right. And just like us, men also have certain thoughts that they don’t usually share with their girlfriends. So, here is a thread we found on Reddit where guys shared the things they really, really want to tell girls but they don’t. So read on and find out what goes inside a man’s brain!

1. The one who wants to tell her that he loves her, no matter what he does

Anonymous answers on Reddit: Things women don't seem to understand about men:

a. When your man's being all silent and you ask him what he's thinking about, and he says ‘nothing,’ he really is thinking of nothing. Men can do that.

b. Guys check out girls and love porn, but that doesn't reflect on you or your body in any way. To use an example, I watch Top Gear, but that doesn't mean I'm about to sell my house and a kidney to go buy an Ariel Atom.

c. You're not really fat. No, really. Today women seem to think that if they weigh more than a large smartphone, this means they're morbidly obese pigs that no man would want to love and/or sleep with. As far as I'm concerned, if my wife gets on top of me and my internal organs don't spill out of me like a tube of toothpaste, then I'm happy.

1  things guys want to tell girls - don't overthink

2. The one who wants to tell her that a gesture is always bigger than words

Anonymous answers on Reddit: An eyebrow raise and a glance to the side can get more information across to a friend in a couple of seconds than is possible in a few minutes of talking.

3. The one who wants to tell her what he does when he’s bored…

Dromoe answers on Reddit: We don't consider masturbation cheating. It's just a cure for boredom and insistent erections.

3  things guys want to tell girls - you are beautiful

4. The one who wants to tell her that men can be lazy sometimes

Smoothisfast22 answers on Reddit: If there's something that can be done by throwing it or tossing it, we'll do that instead of carrying it to the trash can or garbage etc.

5. The one who wants to tell her that he doesn’t share food...

Theshazam answers on Reddit: Under no circumstances can a girl order a salad then make googley eyes at my delicious steak and complain when I don't share it. JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!

5  things guys want to tell girls - joey doesn't share food

6. The one who wants to tell her that he needs some guy-time.

SlimandNone answers on Reddit: We need guy time.

7. The one who wants to tell her to not *overthink*!

Ihatewolves answers on Reddit: ‘I'm tired. I don't feel like talking.’


a. I want to break up

b. Oh my God you are annoying

c. I'm cheating on you

d. Remember that random girl I accidently bumped into yesterday? We're getting married.

e. I have some deep issue that I need to talk to you about but I just don't know how to start the conversation

f. I don’t like you anymore


‘I'm tired. I don't feel like talking.’

7  things guys want to tell girls - I love you

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.


GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

Published on Jun 11, 2017
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