#HeSays: 10 Things A Guy Wants To Say To His Girlfriend’s Boobs!

#HeSays: 10 Things A Guy Wants To Say To His Girlfriend’s Boobs!

There are many things a guy would like to tell his girlfriend if he was being honest - some good, some not-as-good. But then there are the things a guy wants to tell his girlfriend's boobs - and trust us, they're ALL good. Go on then, ladies, our thoughts are all laid out for you here, completely uncensored!  

1. I can never really decide which one of you I love more.

Both of you are just so beautiful!

2. Waking up to you is the best way to wake up.

No, really, it's high up there on our list.

2 girlfriends boobs

3. If I could, I would make your picture my phone wallpaper.

But, you know, you're for our eyes only.

4. Everytime I see you, I actually do take a mental picture.

You're a sight for sore eyes, after all.

5. And I think of that mental picture when I can't see the real thing.

Even though it does no real justice.

5 girlfriends boobs

6. Because let's face it, I miss you guys a lot.

It's almost unhealthy.

7. You grow more beautiful with every day that goes by.

No, we're not saying this to (just) get laid.

8. I have some fantasies involving you that I'll probably never mention.

Some of them are way too explicit...

8 girlfriends boobs

9. I love to get you out of that bra just as much as you like to get out of it.

For different reasons, but still.

10. Everytime I see you, it feels like the very first time.

And the excitement just never goes down.

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