10 Little Things He Does When He Is *Really* In Love With You!

10 Little Things He Does When He Is *Really* In Love With You!

Your man might not always be very expressive, especially when it comes to telling you how much he loves you. However, he has his own little ways of showing his love. Wonder how? Here are 10 things guys do - only when they are really in love!

1. Watch your favourite romantic comedy

1 things guys do - couple watching tv

Yes, he will watch ‘The Notebook’ with you because you love it. If you play your cards right, he might just sit for the 100th screening of DDLJ too!

2. He gives you surprise kisses

Don’t be weirded out when he plants a kiss right when you wake up and are sitting in your PJs with a grumpy face. He loves every expression on your face, just because it’s your face!

3. Go tampon shopping for you

Your man doesn’t care if you just got down right before your ‘big night’. If his girl is bleeding and needs her napkins and/or tampons, he is going to get it from the farthest 24x7 shop, if necessary!

4. Build a rapport with your friends

4 things guys do - hanging out that 70s show

He really cares about getting to know your friends and tries to actually build an individual rapport with them. He talks to them and hangs out with them which also makes it super easy for him to plan your next surprise birthday party!

5. Keep you informed about his plans

You are not always the last person to know about his whereabouts. In fact, he makes sure you know where he is or might be so that you don’t have to worry about him.

6. He lets it go when you have a silly fight

Sometimes all we need during a fight is for the person to, well, give up. And that is exactly what he does. He knows exactly when to stop fighting and let you have the last word.

7. Goes out lingerie shopping with you

7 things guys do - penny dreadful

Forget trying to surprise him with sexy lingerie. Your man is all ready to buy that comfy padded bra for you instead of the annoying lacy one and he likes it all the better!

8. He holds your handbag when you get tired

You know men who are embarrassed about holding their girlfriend’s handbags in public? Yeah, not your man. He knows how to help when you need him and holding your handbag? He’s always up for that job!

9. Along with your shopping bags

Now, we don’t mean to demean boyfriends, but having someone we can dump our shopping bags on is such a relief. They can get pretty heavy by the end, right? But, of course, if we were going PS4 game shopping, we would gladly hold their bags too!

10. Talk about you in his future

10 things guys do - monica chandler

His future now seems to have you around in it. Even though he won’t always revolve his decisions around you, he understands that his decisions affect you and always considers your opinion before making them.

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