13 Silly Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy (Just WHYY?!)

13 Silly Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy (Just WHYY?!)

Don’t we all love our boyfriends to the moon and back but sometimes they do things that drive us up the wall. But, men will be men and there isn’t much we can do about it. Here are a few things guys do that drive girls crazy!

1. Constantly switching channels to check the score while we are watching TV.

May the lord save you from our wrath… Because no one and we mean no one comes between us and Damon Salvatore.

1 things guys do that drive girls crazy

2. Forgetting important events… All the time!

If not all, at least remember our anniversary and our birthday! They’re called milestones for a reason.

3. Forgetting to text us back

When guys stop responding to texts mid conversation, it is truly frustrating! Not only do they go MIA in the middle of a discussion, they don’t text us back either!

3 things guys do that drive girls crazy

4. Throwing a fit when we are getting dressed

It takes time to look flawless and on point. But most men get paranoid when it comes to women getting dressed up. And it’s not even like they get ready in the blink of an eye, they take their time too. But woe and betide we take 10 minutes extra.

5. Leaving the wet used towel on the bed and messing the room up

Someone should probably introduce them to this thing called hooks in bathrooms where people hang their towels to dry. Maybe then we wouldn’t find a wet bundled up towel right in the middle of our well-made bed!

5 things guys do that drive girls crazy

6. Weighing their arm around the neck when they’re walking with us

It is romantic for like five minutes but then it just feels more like weight training to us!

7. Ball scratching

WHY? Just WHY?

7 things guys do that drive girls crazy

8. Responding to our texts in monosyllables

We type this long romantic message about the moon and the stars, pouring our heart out and all we get is a ‘Hmmmm’ or ‘K.’ Like, seriously?

9. Making a plan to hang out and forgetting to follow up altogether

Either because they slept like logs or because there was a football match they just couldn’t miss. Guys, that’s SO not done!

9 things guys do that drive girls crazy

10. Blaming everything on PMS

More often than not, when we are trying to have a real conversation with them about our feelings and emotions and it has nothing to do with our hormonal imbalances. And saying ‘Are you PMSing?’ doesn’t really help!

11. Forgetting to put the toilet seat down after peeing

These are basic etiquettes for god sake. For any guys reading this, let us describe the process: put the seat up, aim, shoot, put the seat down. Voila, job done. Not that difficult, is it?

11 things guys do that drive girls crazy

12. Leaving beard stubble in the sink

Oh God, why?!

13. Burping and farting and then living life like nothing happened at all

We understand love is blind, and hence we ignore the socks lying on the floor, the drawers left open and the fact that our guy last brushed his hair two days ago, but this is a bit much!

13 things guys do that drive girls crazy

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