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11 Things ALL Girls Do During PMS… Without Realizing!

11 Things ALL Girls Do During PMS… Without Realizing!

How most of us dread that time of the month when aunt flow comes to visit! But before her…ahem…arrival, our bodies prepare. PMS or premenstrual syndrome is the bane of our existence and is capable of driving us cray. Of course, we all go through it in varying degrees, but there are things we all do during this time that we don’t even realize! Here are some things girls do when they PMS!

1. Get super emotional, super easily!

We’d all like to think we are smart, rational young women who would never let some hormonal changes affect our feelings. I repeat, ‘we’d all like to think…’

1 things girls do when they pms - alia bhatt soty

2. Eat like we’ve never seen food!

What? Isn’t a burrito, 6 gol gappas, a cheese pizza, and a Nutella sandwich just the right amount of food for a light lunch?!

3. Lose interest in doing anything productive!

If it requires pants and/or a bra, it’s not happening today - right, girls?

3 things girls do when they pms - penny frustrated

4. CRY – at the drop of a hat/ cap/ hairband/ hairpin.

Did you just say I cry easily? *Eyes welling up*

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5. Go on feminist rants

It just seems like the right time to talk about women’s rights, and our freedom and why we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Again.

5 things girls do when they pms - hey girl zoey deschanel

6. Go into a spiral of self-doubt

Ugh! This has gotta be the worst PMS symptom and my heart goes out to all of us who experience this.

7. Get stressed about our weight

It’s called bloating and it messes with our damn heads!

7 things girls do when they pms - zoey deschanel period problems

8. Obsess over our skin!

Thank you skin for being so cooperative while we already feel shitty and bloated! Thank you so much... NOT!

9. Wear certain kinds of pants

We may or may not realize it, but we all have that super comfy pair of pants that we wear when we are feeling stupidly bloated!

9 things girls do when they pms - girl eating dessert

10. Watch RomComs!

When we already feel miserable because our bodies are waging a war within, all we want is some good old comfort viewing, which will instantly uplift our soul.

11. Get easily exasperated!

You know it’s full blow PMS when all your sentences are generously peppered with abuses!

11 things girls do when they pms - emma stone shrugging

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