11 Things EVERY Newly Married Couple Fights About (So Relax!!)

11 Things EVERY Newly Married Couple Fights About (So Relax!!)

Has your happily ever after officially commenced? Well then, welcome to the world of cute romance, passionate date nights, and crazy arguments! Yup, you heard that right. All newlyweds fight and if you’ve just entered the married club – then we bet you’ll relate to this one! Here are some things all newly married couples fight about, don’t worry you and your hubby aren’t the only ones!

1. The ‘geela towel’ argument!

If he invariably leaves his wet towel on the bed, the chair or the floor instead of drying it outside it sets you off, doesn’t it?! We bet you didn’t imagine living with a little piggy!

2. The ‘why do you take so long to get ready’ argument

Now, what is not to understand in this?! We, women, take time to put on our makeup and select our outfit. Getting dolled up is an art! Kuch kuch hota hai hubby, tum nahin samjhoge!

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3. The ‘AC temperature’ argument

This is literally a ‘kahaani ghar ghar ki’ ladies, trust us! It is the number one cause for all newlyweds to fight because inevitably one would prefer the room to be chilled and the other would much prefer a tropical environment!

4. The ‘early bird’ conundrum!

In each marriage, one out of the two is an early riser and cherishes their lovely morning time. Of course, you guys are lucky if you both have similar habits, but that is awfully rare. As is the case with most couples, one will be the definite night owl. Either you wake him and get an earful or it’s the other way round!

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5. The ‘should we go out or stay in’ dilemma!

Being newly married means lots of parties, dinners, and social commitments. While that can be fun, it can also be exhausting! So if you two are in a constant tussle about going out or staying in, just know that all newlyweds are going ‘SAME!’ as they read this!

6. The ‘blanket hog’ argument

Each marriage has one person who hogs the blanket! This may not happen at the beginning of the night, but you will feel the tugging as the night progresses. This always, always leads to arguments! Accurate or not?!

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7. The ‘lights out’ argument!

Who decides when it’s time to turn off the lights? And god help you two if the switch is not near the bed because who is going to be the one to turn them off?! Daily argument? We hear ya!

8. The ‘what movie are we watching’ argument?

Listen boys, get used to the fact that we like our rom coms and we’d never pass up a masala Bollywood film! If you keep arguing about this, we are going to have to play the wife card. Don’t force us!

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9. The ‘pizza again’ argument!

We’re not throwing any shade on pizza, we love pizza, obvs! But between the two of you there is always one person who would much rather keep eating the same thing day after day! The other one, needless to say, would want to try something new instead. This can potentially lead to hunger related arguing, which – let’s face it, is the worst kind.

10. The ‘why are you so lazy’ argument

Umm, we aren’t pointing fingers or making judgments but in any marriage, one person is lazier than the other! This is a true story and we know for a fact that it leads to maximum bickering, which is ironic because technically one of you should be too lazy to argue.

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11. The ‘why are you so messy’ argument

Close on the heels of the infamous ‘lazy’ argument, is the extremely unavoidable ‘messy’ argument. Now some of us smart girls have found unhealthy coping mechanisms with our husbands like distracting them with kisses when they start to notice the mess. Just follow these pro tips girl; they’re tried and tested!

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