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The First Time We Tried Using… A Blindfold!

The First Time We Tried Using… A Blindfold!

It was our week of kinky sex! Yes, we were on a vacation with a couple of other friends so my boyfriend and I decided that we would use this week to do something we can’t do on a regular day or night.

The first night we started with a little spanking and I used his tie to tie up his hands. The second day he suggested we try using a blindfold. So we used his tie again. This time it was wrapped around my eyes.

He lightly wrapped it around and kissed me on the neck. I loved the feel of his lips against my skin and it made it ten times better that I couldn’t see him or guess what he was about to do next. Stripping me off my clothes he asked me to join him on the bed. ‘This is great!’ I thought but then remembered that I was blindfolded and I had no clue which way the bed was.

I slowly inched towards my right, hoping that he would point out if I was going wrong. ‘Am I headed in the right direction?’ I asked him. He laughed and said ‘If I tell you then what’s the fun?’ ‘The fun will start only once I get there!’ I told him, with my arms outstretched, still trying to figure my way out. ‘No, baby, the fun has already begun!’ he replied with another laugh.

Internal using a blindfold

I was still trying to figure out my way when BAM! My knee hit the coffee table. I screamed in pain and took off the blindfold, sitting down on the floor. He rushed to my side and asked me if I was okay. ‘I would have been…’ I replied snarkily ‘... if you would have told me which way to head in!’

‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice you were so close to the coffee table!’

By now, I was actually feeling super angry. Not only was I almost naked but now I had a bruise on my knee. None of his attempts to make me smile worked and I just sat there, fuming. ‘Hey, you know what?’ he finally said. ‘How about I put on the blindfold, go to the other corner of the room and try to find you?’ ‘How will that help? You will end up busting your knee too!’ I told him.

‘Well, I don’t care’ he replied, kissing me softly on the lips before getting off the floor with the tie in his hand.

‘Okay, I can’t see anything’ he said. ‘I am turning around… Feeling a little dizzy… Now I am walking… Where are you? Did you place the table somewhere around me so I bust my knee too? That’ll be great, right? We’ll just be two lovers with busted knees.’

Seeing him, muttering to himself walking around the room with a tie over his eyes made me laugh. I finally got up and, half walking and half skipping made my way across the room and took his hands in mine. ‘Here I am.’ I replied reaching up to kiss his lips. Then I moved down to his collarbones that I always found super sexy. All this time he was blindfolded and a moan escaped his mouth by the time I reached the end of his stomach.

The rest, as they say, is history. Even though the blindfold didn’t work as I had expected it to the first time, it still did some wonders. And we continued using it for better results!

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