The First Time I Visited… A Sex Toy Shop!!

The First Time I Visited… A Sex Toy Shop!!

If you thought Thailand was home to all things kinky, you haven’t found yourself in Japan yet. While I was on vacation, a friend and I were street shopping at Akihabara, Tokyo. Suddenly, we spotted this gigantic sex toy shop in the middle of a busy street. The entire building was covered in posters of anime women posing seductively. It was something we’d never seen before in our lives! It was like a HUGE mall - but only for sex toys.

The beauty of this place was that no one looked shy or felt embarrassed while walking into the sex toy shop. In fact, we saw old couples and young ones strolling around, hand in hand, and checking out stuff. It looked like the coolest couple activity ever! Since I’ve only seen a sex toy shop from afar, and never really visited one, I thought this could be a good start. As soon as we entered the place, both of us were handed a shopping basket. There were around 7 floors and each floor had a different category of toys.

On one, there were a variety of vibrators in different shapes, colours and sizes. Some of them even came with a button at the back so that you could adjust the pressure as per your convenience. The floor below had a variety of condoms printed in various popular anime series! (Think Pokemon, Hello Kitty, DBZ, Rilakkuma.) However, the top floor was a jaw-dropping experience. Everything from latex bodysuits to kinky furry handcuffs, this place had a stock full of it. Whips, chains, rubber animals, colourful bed sheets, edible lingerie - this place was nothing like anything I’d ever seen before!

Internal - sex toy shop - woman shopping

For a person who has a bunch of hidden fetishes, this place had to be a paradise! The shopping experience was relaxing for me. You could take the time to read and observe a product without the fear of being judged. Not to forget, if you faced difficulty with reading or understanding a product, the super helpful staff was always at your service.

From a price perspective, most of these toys were affordable and would have anyone feel spoilt for choice. I think it’s amazing how open-minded and flexible a place like this could be. My first trip to visiting a sex toy shop in Japan was immensely rewarding. I felt no guilt, no awkwardness and no embarrassment when I was shopping there.

On the contrary, the environment and people made us feel comfortable and allowed us to shop with zero disturbances or interruption. I wish more places around the globe offered the same amount of freedom and security like this place did. After all, we all have needs, and I think no one should ever feel guilty about satisfying them - even if it comes in the form a mere sex toy.

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