Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Couples Falling In Love… Again!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales Of Couples Falling In Love… Again!

1. Just Like Valentine’s Day

As I walked into my apartment, I was greeted by a bouquet of flowers, a box of jewelry and a mushy card. There he was, standing tall and waiting for me with arms wide open.

His lips passionately locked with mine and his hands unbuttoning my shirt. I asked, 'Baby, what's gotten into you?! It's not even Valentine's day yet!' To which he replied, 'Love shouldn't be a one-day affair, it should be celebrated every day. Don't you think? *Wink*' Without saying another word, I pulled him by the tie and turned off the lights.

1 rekindling romance

2. Pancakes And A Patch Up

'I don't know how we got here,' I said as we sat on the sofa after an hour long argument. Exhausted, we both passed out on the sofa.

Next morning as I opened my eyes I could see him sitting at the foot of the sofa with my feet in his lap. As I struggled to open my eyes, he got up, planted a kiss on my forehead and disappeared into the kitchen... Only to come back with a tray full of my favourite breakfast goodies and a card which said... 'Let's start over?'

With moist eyes and a mouthful of blueberry pancake, I buried myself into his arms.

2 rekindling romance

3. The Light After The Dark

‘Nitin!’ I called out as the light in the room went out. ‘The fuse must have gone out! Can you go check?’ I called out again. No reply. ‘Marriage really does change people’, I thought. There was a time when if I just called out his name once, he would be there - even if that meant travelling across town. I sighed and got up to check the fuse myself.

I stepped out from the bedroom and into the hall… which had a table with two candles on it. ‘Wha-?’ I looked around, his arms wrapped around my waist from behind. ‘Been a while, don’t you think?’ he whispered in my ear. I smiled. ‘Sometimes, things have a way of working themselves out.’ I thought, as I turned to place my lips on his.

3 rekindling romance

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