11 Real Struggles Only Girls Who Repeat Their Outfits Will Get!

11 Real Struggles Only Girls Who Repeat Their Outfits Will Get!

Secretly, we are all outfit-repeaters. We all have one pile of party clothes, one for work and one for when we just can’t spend more than two minutes on deciding what to wear. In this world of fast fashion, it’s a little hard to keep up with the pressure of wearing something different every day. We aren’t celebrities and even if we were, we’d repeat our clothes shamelessly! If you’re one of us, here are 11 real struggles of an outfit repeater you’ll totally get!  

1. Your work wear pile starts to look like a uniform

Laziness has got the best of you and you wear the same set of outfits through the week. You know exactly what it’s like to wear the same outfit every Monday.

2. When you can’t wear your favourite party dress because you wore it to the exact same place last time!  

The struggle is real.  

2 struggles of an outfit repeater   

3. Going out with your boyfriend means a whole lot of outfit calculation

You almost start thinking of excuses to bail out on him because coming up with a new outfit is just too much effort.

4. You get way too many compliments when you wear a new dress!   

When you shop so rarely, a new dress is bound to stand out!

4 struggles of an outfit repeater - sex and the city gifs

5. Styling comes to you naturally

You’re the queen of mixing and matching your clothes! You see about 5 different outfits in just one kurta. You can wear it as a dress, with palazzos, with distressed jeans or with leggings.  

6. Yes, you wear black jeans every day. And no, you don’t own 5 pairs.  

Washing machines are everything - wash, wear, repeat is your mantra!

6 struggles of an outfit repeater - girl duh expression

7. If too many people don’t notice your outfit, you wear it again the next day!  

If you don’t have a picture in the outfit, it was never worn! Didn’t meet anyone you know when you went to the mall? You know you can totally wear the same clothes to work the next day.  

8. The calculated risk of re-wearing the same outfit only you’ll understand

Different set of people + same outfit = *Safe Zone*

8 struggles of an outfit repeater sjp gif

9. It isn’t the same outfit if the accessories and shoes are different!

Thank God for these tiny details.

10. You put an Instagram post with outfit details…  

...and now you literally can’t wear that dress again. You feel the pain of showing off on social media!    

10 struggles of an outfit repeater emma stone expression

11. You have that one dress that goes with you everywhere

And people relate that dress with you. Even your friends expect you to wear it at least once a month! It goes with you to work, movies and even the beach. Don’t we all have one such dress?  

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