10 Witty Responses To Awkward Rishta Meeting Questions!

10 Witty Responses To Awkward Rishta Meeting Questions!

Rishta meetings are notorious for the interview session that takes place between the two sides. The questions that the boys’ side ask the girl can vary from being hilarious to awkward to outright weird. If you find yourself facing any awkward rishta meeting questions, maybe you could try answering them like this?

1. ‘Out of all this, what have you cooked for us today?’

Oh, me? Nothing. You see, I was too busy draping this sari that you wanted to see me in. I’m a perfectionist, like that. Did you like my saree though, aunty?

1 - awkward rishta meeting questions - deepika padukone saree

2. ‘Do you drink or smoke?’ *asks with a scrunched up nose*

Oh God, no. Don’t you know you shouldn’t ask such things of good girls? Such an outrage to my modesty, mum.

3. ‘Do you like to stay at home or party sharty? Our Monty here doesn’t go out much.’

What a sad life, Monty. Is everything alright with you?

3 - awkward rishta meeting questions - you poor sweet thing

4. ‘Let’s hear a bhajan from you. Which one will you sing for us?’

Oh, but I didn’t know our interview tonight would turn into an Indian Idol audition!

5. ‘Do you like kids?’

Sure, I love them. As long as they aren’t mine.

5 - awkward rishta meeting questions - not really

6. ‘Are you wearing contact lenses? Do you wear specs?’ *looks betrayed*

Yes, I am a little blind in the left eye. But the right one works perfectly well, don’t you worry!

7. ‘What are your spending habits like?'

Um, let’s just say I try to earn more so that I can shop more.

7 - awkward rishta meeting questions - confessions of a shopaholic

8. ‘Will you continue this job even after the wedding?’

Yes. Just like your son would continue with his job post wedding. Or, won’t he? *acts shocked*

9. ‘Are you on FB?’ *sends request and demands girl to accept it* ‘Who are these people?’

They are my friends and you know what? None of them forced me into accepting their request. That is exactly why I am friends with them.

9 -awkward rishta meeting questions - aishwarya rai expression

10. ‘We expected you to wear a sari today. We’ve come so far to meet you, and here you are wearing a suit!’

Oh, I am sorry. If I knew you were coming from soo far away, I would have cat walked here in a bridal lehenga, I swear.

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