10 Other Words That Also Mean Orgasm - How Many Do You Know?

10 Other Words That Also Mean Orgasm - How Many Do You Know?

You’ve all used some of these once or twice, and even if you haven’t, it’s always good to be in the know. Here are 10 slang words for orgasm that every girl should know about!

1. The Big O

This one is pretty common, and it has a nice ring to it as well! Use this one to tell your partner to give you the big O - it’s a great way to lead him into the act.

1 words for orgasm- mila kunis friends with benefits

2. Get Off

This one is used when you’re super excited and want to tell someone about ‘what gets you off’. It could be gentle kisses on your neck or it could even be a wild blow job!

3. Blow One’s Lump

Okay, we agree, it sounds a tad bit creepy. You might not end up using this one too often but it’s always good to know, right?

3 words for orgasm girl moaning

4. Cleave The Pin

It means scoring the bull’s eye - and the euphemism refers to bringing a man to orgasm. We know it doesn’t sound pleasant but it’s surely quite intriguing.

5. Le Petite Mort

This one’s in French and it means the ‘brief loss of consciousness’. Which loosely describes the feeling you get when you’re orgasming, doesn’t it? *Wink*

5 words for orgasm orange is the new black series

6. At the peak

When you and your partner are at it and you’re orgasm together! It’s often referred to as reaching your sexual peak or being ‘at the peak’ of sexual satisfaction.

7. Melt

When you’ve melted in pleasure and reached a whole new level of sexual satisfaction! It’s the kind of melting that nobody has a problem with.

7 words for orgasm -when harry met sally

8. Cum

Whether you use the word or even if it makes you cringe, ‘Cum’ is probably one of the most commonly used slangs for orgasm.

9. Squirt

When you’ve had the best sex of your life and you’ve nearly squirted because of how great it was.

9 words for orgasm %281%29

10. Climax

Because we thought we’d save this one for the last ie the climax!

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