Dating someone? How to know if he is your soulmate?

Dating someone? How to know if he is your soulmate?

The thing about dating is that in our head, we are constantly (and secretly) hoping to know if he is the one. Well if you both can say yes to the instances below, the dating signs sure are telling that you will not only walk down the aisle with him but will also build a long and happy life together. Here’s how you can know if he is your soulmate.

1. You are not afraid to be yourself in front of him

Even if it means being a bit silly and crazy at times. While the ‘trying to impress each other’ mode may still be on, you are happy about not being judged all the time either!

2. Your name comes up first on his best friend list

And his on yours. Need we say more?

If you can be as crazy with him as with your best friends. You are dating the right guy.

3. You don’t just hang out…

… But have fun in each other’s company. Even if it means playing a simple game of snakes and ladders or flaunting your grey cells with chess or scrabble.

Enjoying the simplest things together is one of the dating signs that it is meant forever.

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4. Getting over fights is easy

Because by now, ego is out of the window anyway and you value the relationship more.

5. You make memories together

So it isn’t just about meeting up for coffee or drinks or dinner. You plan your dates in order to create a long list of happy memories that you’d be smiling at when you turn 60.

He is certainly your soulmate if your meetings mean simply memories and even the simplest pleasures seem cherishable.

6. His reactions are predictable

And so are yours. Your dating journey has gone pretty far if you two sure know each other way too well by now to pretend to be anything else.

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7. You love your personal space

While you may indulge in PDA on social media and otherwise, you sure have that no entry zone where only the two of you are allowed.

8. You’ve begun to bail each other out

From potentially awkward situations and silly, boring conversations.

If you come to rescue for each other at such situations, the dating signs are surely positive.

9. Your give bear hugs

And squeeze each other’s hands in that special, all-knowing way.

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10. You plan for the future

And not just baby names. We mean serious things like investments, house, loans etc. Now those sensitive things are shared only with a soulmate and not a random date.

11. You can sit in silence for long

Just knowing that you are around each other is enough. Everything else is inconsequential.

12. You give each other space

To just be and grow as individuals and be your true self.

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13. You don’t run out of things to share

No matter how long you speak to each other every single day.

14. You get along with each other’s family and friends

Without qualms, because you know how important they are to your partner. If you respect what they love most, the dating game is pretty serious between you folks.

15. You share the same value system

And want the best for each other. With or without you – but with you mostly. Always.

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