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11 Signs He Wants To Have Sex (Even If He Isn’t Saying It)

11 Signs He Wants To Have Sex (Even If He Isn’t Saying It)

Physical intimacy is important in a relationship and your guy might want to take your relationship to the next level and form a deeper connection! Maybe he is shy or awkward and doesn’t know how to let you know the same, thus we have a few signs he wants to have sex with you!

1. He notices how you look

Well, of course, he is always complimenting you and appreciating your inner beauty but there may be times when he compliments you on a particular dress you are wearing and subtly might hint that you look sexy in the same. This is a sign that apart from your beauty, he is also appreciating your sexiness and wants to explore it further!

1 signs he wants to have sex

2. Drops small hints

During the course of the conversation, he might turn it a little flirty and sexy. For example, if you tell him you are going in for a shower, he might jokingly tell you how he wishes he could accompany you!

3. He plans date nights at home

Hoping that he might get lucky… He plans date nights with you at home. A message from him saying, ‘Movie and pizza tonight, my place?’ has a naughtier meaning he wants you to understand!

3 signs he wants to have sex

4. The bed is always neat and clean

When you reach his house for the movie night, you find that though other parts of the room might be in a mess but he has made efforts to keep the bed neat and tidy. Or he has decorated the room with flowers and candles. Get the hint, ladies!

5. Nobody is home when you visit him

Of course, he has planned that you come over to his place at a time when there is nobody else! Privacy and alone time are on his mind.

5  signs he wants to have sex

6. He talks about his body

You often find him telling you about how regular he is at the gym and how he has a superb body! Well, this is him just letting you know how fit he is and how good he can be in bed with you.

7. Lingerie talks

Do you remember the time when you both went to the mall and as you both passed by a lingerie store, he jokingly told you how good that particular bra would look on you? Well, the fact of the matter is that he does think about you in your lingerie and wants to see you wearing that sexy bra too!

7 signs he wants to have sex

8. Too much perfume

Have a favourite perfume smell and often find him wearing that one when he meets you? Well, it's time you smell his intentions! *Sniff sniff*

9. You often catch him looking at you

Eyes are windows to the soul and men are visual creatures and seeing something arousing and sensual, certain areas in their brain light up. That’s the reason you often find him looking in your direction with a subtle smile on his face.

9 signs he wants to have sex

10. Gets close and touchy

Since he is looking for action, he will cosy up with you often. He might sit next to you while watching TV and hold your hand, rub your shoulder while hugging you or hold you by your waist when he’s giving you a kiss!

11. Talks in a low-pitched voice

It has been found that women are attracted to men who have a deep voice. Keeping this in mind, he might lower the pitch of his voice and sometimes talk that softly that you need to get close to his mouth to hear what he is saying. Well, this is just one of his ways to get you attracted to him!

11 signs he wants to have sex

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Published on Jun 3, 2017
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