#HeSays: 7 Sexual Milestones EVERY Guy Wants To Achieve!

#HeSays: 7 Sexual Milestones EVERY Guy Wants To Achieve!

There are so many moments in your past that have defined you, yes? Similarly, there are some sexual milestones that shape a guy's sex life. Here is a list of a few of those milestone that every guy looks forward to crossing.

1. The ‘first time’ sex

It's almost never perfect, we almost always think it should have happened earlier and the nervousness knows no bounds. But even with all of that uncertainty, the first time is a huge milestone for every guy. It's what marks the beginning of our sexual journey - it's the doorway to a whole new world!

2. First ‘one night stand’

The times are changing and with them, so is our bucket-list. After having heard so many stories about it, watching so many movies with it, we can't help but want to experience it ourselves. Even though one night stands in movies turn into romantic relationships, we would prefer to skip that particular twist.

2 sexual milestones

3. Truly wild sex

We start fantasizing about this way before we even understand what sex really is like - so obviously our expectations are a bit skewed. But wild, uninhibited sex really does come around after a bit of experience - and it changes our lives!

4. Sex in a public place

It doesn't even necessarily have to be public - just some place where we could get caught. The higher the risk factor, the more exciting the sex ends up being. Definitely, something we all look forward to experiencing and checking off the list.

4 sexual milestones

5. First sex-cation

We've adventure junkies, it's true. We love to go hiking when we're in the mountains, filling up our days with water sports when we're at the beach. But none of that can come even close to being as awesome as a sex-cation. Just being locked up in the room, ordering only room service and having sex a minimum of 5 times a day. That's the dream!

6. The fantasy-to-reality sex

As we grow older, our list of fantasies only becomes longer. But we don't really like to disclose the things on this list very easily, especially not until we're certain we're not going to freak you out. The milestone here is when the things on that list actually become reality, thanks to you. That kind of sex is what sex dreams are made of.

6 sexual milestones

7. First ‘love-making’

You can call us cheesy and liars, we won't mind. But here's a fact - guys do know the difference between just sex and making love. And the first time we experience the latter is kind of eye-opening for each and every one of us. While the ‘first time’ sex marks the start of our sexual journey, this marks the evolution of it.

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