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Sunday Shorts: 3 Toe-Curling Tales Of *Forbidden* Sex!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Toe-Curling Tales Of *Forbidden* Sex!

1. The Ghost From The Past

I didn't mean to do it. I never ever intended for this to happen. I think I was too caught up in the moment. Feelings and memories from the past took over my actions. For that moment, that hour, that minute, I knew things would never be the same again. In spite of knowing the truth, I went for it...

After all, our breakup ended on an abrupt note. I missed his face and hadn't seen him in years. Even getting into a new relationship left a void in my heart. Sure, my current beau loves me to the moon and back, but the question is, do I? I never thought that I would spend the night with an old flame. Tucked away in his blanket and brushing my bare skin against his. What felt so wrong, shockingly, felt so right too. I also know that there perhaps won't be a future for us, but doesn't the world tell you to live in the moment? The guilt of this incident kills me every time I go home and lock lips with the man who thinks I'm his world.

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2. The One Who Was Always There

He was my colleague. And although I had a boyfriend at the time, he made it abundantly clear that he fancied me. As luck would have it, I was going through a bad patch in my relationship because of the whole long distance thing. And in walked Rohan, to my rescue - with his charm, intelligence and brazing muscles. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to him from the get go.

Once it was clear that I was on a break in my relationship, I started spending more time with him. He was funny, empathic and we had a lot in common. When we finally had sex, it felt like the most natural thing ever. Our bodies synced in motion as we kissed and smothered each other with passion. Till date, it is one of the most amazing sexual experiences of my life.   

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3.  Good Girl Gone Bad

Funny how a 'good girl' like me lost it all when he decided to walk into my life. 15 years my senior and married to an amazing woman, he had a pull that I just could not resist. We had a whirlwind romance and  everytime he touched me, it felt like my body was on fire.

The first time he kissed me, it was like I had never been kissed before. I had been resisting him for a long time, knowing that he was married and had kids. But one day, when we were alone, I finally gave in. As we removed each other's clothes, our inhibitions fell away. That night, even after so many years, happens to be the best night of my life.

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