10 Real Struggles Every Girl Faces After Getting Engaged!

10 Real Struggles Every Girl Faces After Getting Engaged!

The months that stretch between the engagement and the wedding are magical months for every girl. You are marrying the love of your life and getting royal treatment because of it, from your friends and family. Life couldn’t get better, sure, but there are some struggles that keep pace with you when you get engaged. Wondering what could they be? Read on to find out 10 all-too-real struggles newly engaged girls face.

1. You can’t step out of your home in those cosy pyjamas anymore.

No, not even to go to that mini store, ‘coz you may just run into your fiance’s chachi’s sister’s daughter and you wouldn’t want her to catch you looking anything less than fabulous, would you?

2. Everyone will keep asking you about your honeymoon plans!

And they won’t just suggest places you can consider, but sometimes with a wink and a smile, also tell you of the many *naughty* things you could do there!

2 struggles newly engaged girls face

3. They’ll also ask you to show them your ring, and would look hurt if you told them it was safely locked away in your drawer.

The big stone keeps getting in the way of your clothes and other things. Plus you don’t wanna ruin it by wearing it every day. But how do you explain this to people who just want a chance to judge you and your fiancé with one single look at your ring.

4. Even if you hate cooking and have kept your distance from the kitchen until now, you will have to develop some culinary skills.

Maggi and bread just won’t do every day, you know?

4 struggles newly engaged girls face

5. You’ll go crazy with the fittings and the visits to boutiques and tailors.

An inch here, and a cut there - a whole new wardrobe being assembled is no mean feat.

6. You’ll risk turning into a bridezilla constantly planning every little detail of your wedding!

From your hair to your makeup, from your lehenga to your venue – you might go a little bit crazy chasing perfection and trying to make the fairytale come true.

6 struggles newly engaged girls face

7. You’ll have to restrict all those drunken pictures you’re tagged in, on Facebook!

‘Coz you know his relatives will be flooding your profile with requests and um, let’s just say those drunk pictures aren’t your most flattering shots.

8. You might have to suffer first night tips from aunties!

What’ll make you cringe more than their sex tips will be the personal experience that they’ll narrate with it! *EWW*

8 struggles newly engaged girls face

9. Your wedding will be compared with every single wedding that’s happened in your family…

… And the constant comparisons will drive you up the wall.

10. You’ll feel super emotional, all the time.

And will cry celebrating those little lasts with your friends and family. Even though you’re engaged, you’ll find it hard to believe that you’ll actually be leaving them all behind and not see their faces every day.

10 struggles newly engaged girls face

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