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15 Awesome Things That’ll Give You A Reason To Shop!

15 Awesome Things That’ll Give You A Reason To Shop!

All of us girls (and some men too) will understand what we mean when we say there is no therapy like retail therapy. There is something so fulfilling about laying your eyes on a product, falling in love with it and then actually taking it home with you...or in our world, getting it delivered to our doorsteps! However, sometimes we face the dilemma of wanting to shop while having absolutely no logical reason to shop. Here are 15 quirky things to buy when you face that problem!

1. A Basic Indigo Kurta

1 quirky things to buy

If you don’t have an indigo kurta in your wardrobe yet, then that’s definitely reason enough to shop! Indigo is the new black, after all!

Price: Rs 979. Add it to your wishlist

2. Foxy Pair Of Socks!

2 quirky things to buy

Wearing slippers when you’re just chilling at home is so old school. Get this funky pair of socks instead. They’re perfect for all your lazy Sunday foot selfies!

Price: Rs 833. Add it to your wishlist

3. This Glittery Pocket Mirror

3 quirky things to buy

How else are you supposed to see whether your makeup is still on or melting in this heat, if not through this awesome glittery pocket mirror?

Price: Rs 945. Add it to your wishlist

4. These Printed Sassy Undies

4 quirky things to buy

How about them three awesome babies to make you feel sexy? Is that reason enough to shop? There is no way you can feel down if you wear one of these on your weekdays!

Price: Rs 759. Add it to your wishlist

5. A Rocket Ship Bath Rug

5 quirky things to buy

Your bathroom will never quite look the same once you add this super cute rug to it. And if you don’t feel like putting it in your bathroom, just keep it alongside your bed and it will perk up your room either way!

Price: Rs 479. Add it to your wishlist

6. Positive Vibes Only!

6 quirky things to buy

That pretty much sums it up, right? This wall sticker is meant for positive and relaxing mornings or the remainder of them, at least!

Price: Rs 339. Add it to your wishlist

7. Some Lippy Love

7 quirky things to buy

How about adding some naughty vibe to your couch? This set of 5 cushion covers will do the trick spectacularly, especially when it’s a date night!

Price: Rs 584. Add it to your wishlist

8. Striped Shorts

8 quirky things to buy

Let’s not forget that the temperature has been soaring outside for a while now. And shorts are one of our most favourite alternatives to jeans. These cool for the summer striped shorts will definitely make you stand out!

Price: Rs 659. Add it to your wishlist

9. Pink Perfection

9 quirky things to buy

Two-in-one combinations are just the best! Here’s the perfect pink primer that also doubles up as a matte lipstick, if that doesn’t make you shop then we don’t know what will!

Price: Rs 480. Add it to your wishlist

10. Bag It Up!

10 quirky things to buy

Forget about carrying your heart on your sleeves, it’s time we start carrying it on our bags, don’t you think? This bag is perfect for your day outing with bae!

Price: Rs 549. Add it to your wishlist

11. Emoji Connection

11 quirky things to buy

Who doesn’t want emojis in their life? They are cute, hilarious and a super funky addition to not just texts but also your bedroom!

Price: Rs 599. Add it to your wishlist

12. Comfy Slip Ons!

12 quirky things to buy

If there is anything more comfortable than our good ol’ sports shoes, it’s slip-ons! The best part is that you can easily get in and out of them and they look awesome!

Price: Rs 599. Add it to your wishlist

13. Princess In Training

13 quirky things to buy

Hey, there Princess! Time to get your tiara in place. This hair comb that you can actually use to secure your bun is just super classy!

Price: Rs 239. Add it to your wishlist

14. Swanky Travel Pouch

14 quirky things to buy

Do you love food? Do you also enjoy travelling? There you go, you have a match! This pouch is just about perfect for all your makeup essentials and toiletries when heading out for a trip!

Price: Rs 590. Add it to your wishlist

15. A Quirky Shirt

15 quirky things to buy

This printed shirt looks awesome paired with your shorts or jeans. Not just that, it also gets your desi vibe totally on point!

Price: Rs 599. Add it to your wishlist


So, there you go, 15 awesome reasons to never quit shopping!

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