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13 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Into A Relationship

13 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Into A Relationship

Getting into a relationship can be a tough decision to make. You’ve been out on dates, spent a good time together and you think that you might be ready to take things forward... But wait a second, have you thought it through? You might as well give it a second thought instead of rushing into it! Here are 13 questions to ask yourself before you say yes!

1. Have we spent enough time together?

Love can happen at first sight, yes, but it only grows when you spend enough time with that person. Before jumping into a relationship, make sure the two of you spend enough time with each other.

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2. Do I know him well enough?

Do you only know the things he wants you to know or a little more? Have you met his friends or family and actually tried to understand the kind of person he is? Of course, you will always get to know new things about him as you go but do you think you truly understand him at this moment?

3. What am I looking for in this relationship?

Are you looking for something more fun and casual or as serious as it gets? Before you even ask him where he stands, you need to figure it out for yourself.

4. Do I really like him or is this a rebound?

Initially, even a rebound can feel like real love but that charm will fade away real quick. When you meet a guy you should have a clear idea about whether you want to get into a rebound relationship or not. Because there are pros and cons of both!

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5. Do we always seem to disagree on things?

Just because you like him does not mean the two of you will agree on everything. But neither should you disagree on all things! For a successful relationship, you need to be on the same page or at least on the same page when it comes to ideas on life and beyond.

6. Is he a lot like my ex?

You may have a type but if your new boy is a lot like your old one, um, things might not change much in the future. Just make sure you are making an informed choice, it’s always better than irrational ones!

7. Does he actually make me laugh?

The first few dates can include a lot of fake laughing at jokes you don’t get or don’t find too funny. But that’s not how you can spend a relationship. Can he make you laugh? Like, really make you laugh and think how incredibly funny he is? Because those are the best kind of guys!

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8. Are we both looking for the same thing?

Of course, being on the same page when it comes to what you are looking for in the relationship is super important. He can’t be looking for something serious while you’re looking for something casual, right? Once you know where you stand, this is a conversation you definitely need to have with him!

9. Does he seem to respect the decisions I make and vice versa?

The two of you need to respect each other’s decisions in life even when you might not agree with them all the time. You cannot, and should not, control anyone’s life other than yours!

10. Do I like him more than just physically?

Physical attraction does not mean you should get into a relationship with someone you can’t have conversations with or just spend a good time with. He, like everyone else, will have his good looking days and bad looking days, so you don’t want to get into it just for good looks!

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11. Do I want to be in a relationship or do I just want some company?

Maybe you are looking for a relationship or maybe you are just looking to spend some time with someone? Go out for coffee and just talk? Relationships mean more than just coffees, parties and slow kisses. So know the difference before you go for it.

12. Am I really comfortable with him?

Are you okay with him seeing you in your unwashed PJs or just lying in bed with him and watching a movie? It’s when you can see yourself sharing such moments with him that you know you are ready to kick it up a notch!

13. Do I see a future with him, no matter how distant?

It’s not easy to see a future with someone but it is important. Now you might not think about life ten years later but do you see yourself meeting him the next weekend and the weekend after that? The next few months? You know what to do if the answer is yes!

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