Sassy pre wedding shoot ideas to inspire you!

Sassy pre wedding shoot ideas to inspire you!

Pre-wedding shoots are almost mandatory these days. And while it is a great idea, we also feel that the pre wedding photos are getting a bit too regular now. Or to put it flatly, a bit toooo cheesy. So ladies and their men, take some cues from these pre wedding photoshoot ideas for your pre wedding photo shoot that you’re so looking forward to. Check out these 10 couples and their pre-wedding photos that are so not cheesy and oh-so-fab!

1. A pre wedding photo with all your pets in the frame

Awww…how cute is this pre wedding shoot idea?! Look at him proposing with all her babies in attendance. And we guess they did approve the match!

2. Make it a festival of sorts!!

Make your pre-wedding photos a memorable one with balloons and big garden letters. Why should it be just the two of you!

3. Quirk things up a little!

A colourful scooter, you on the driver's seat and your man sitting right behind you with that puppy face of his, isn’t this pre wedding photography concept just too adorable.. And ooh, don’t miss the ‘I’m taken’ board!

4. Go sensual with this pre-wedding shoot idea


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Much like the pre-wedding photo above! The pose, the outfit, the intensity and the way it’s been shot… What can we say. A truly mesmerizing pre wedding photography concept!

5. It can even be all out fun!!

A mela theme, big smiles and placards that reveal your love story in the most playful and filmy way, what’s not to love in this pre wedding shoot idea? Now wouldn’t you want something like this!

6. Making impossible possible!

That’s how you get a wonderful and classy pre-wedding photo. Lounging on a cruise with the sea playing just the perfect pre-wedding shoot location. And everything all blue and serene, isn’t it an enchanting pre wedding shoot idea!

7. The classic candid shot

Pre-wedding photos and kisses go hand-in-hand. And this beautiful picture is so different from the rest. A candid pre wedding photo as you two as you drive away to your happily ever after.

8. Sometimes it’s all about going crazy!


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The couple used a bathtub to mark the time they spent at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. Such a wonderful pre wedding shoot idea to recreate an event or day that’s close to your heart.

9. A vintage style shoot that’s oh-so-charming


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There is something about black and white photos. And this vintage pre-wedding photography concept has so much depth and chemistry to it. Don’t you want to just keep looking at this picture?!

10. The kiss that’s so full of LOVE!


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Can we just take a moment to absorb this beautiful pre wedding photo? Everything just seems so perfect in there. And so full of love!!

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