POPxo Bloggers Tell Us Why *This* Camera Phone Is Their FAV

POPxo Bloggers Tell Us Why *This* Camera Phone Is Their FAV

One of the primary features we all look at while purchasing a phone is the camera quality. And of late the quality of the front camera. We have approached technology with the idea of making our social lives even more sociable. The perfect selfie camera is our way to make memories and share them with the world instantly. And needless to say, our phones like our personalities, need to be superbly stylish - because it is one fashionable accessory we carry with us all the time. That is why we have asked POPxo bloggers and super bloggers to reveal their favourite camera phone. Read on to find out which one it is:

1. Akriti Rana Gill

1 camera phone - Aakriti Rana Gill

‘This cricketing season, OPPO is cheering for Team India with the black version of OPPO F3! How awesome is that? So OPPO is officially auctioning OPPO F3 Black BCCI Edition and you guys definitely need to go check out their latest tv commercial with Team India here! The phone looks absolutely fierce and gorgeous! OPPO F3 is the only phone in the market that markets itself solely for its excellent phone quality and camera pictures. If you evaluate, most of us use our phones for its camera after its basic connectivity functions and buying a phone with an excellent camera is so important especially if you’re in a field like mine, where your phone is your virtual buddy.’ Read her full review here.

2. Aanam C of What When Wear

2 camera phone - Aanam C

‘I took panoramic, regular, as well as selfie and group selfie photos on the OPPO F3. I was amazingly surprised by not just the fact that the fish-eye view of the camera made my life much easier while clicking full frame shots, but also that both – the front and the normal cameras – reacted beautifully in low light as well. The cherry on the cake was the Beauty Feature, which smoothens your skin through its surface blur abilities.’ Read her full review here.

3. Natasha Shrotri of Mariposa Love

3 camera phone - Natasha Shrotri

‘The OPPO F3 is a phone famous with the selfie savvy, with specs that ensure high resolution results. The 16MP selfie camera which is sure to bring out amazing photos makes capturing those selfie moments even better. And now when my friends and me have to take a group-selfie, we don't have to squeeze out heads together, all thanks to the dual camera. The double view group-selfie camera allows super wide angle and the palm shutter is another feature to rave about. All you've to do is wave your hand in front of the camera and that triggers an automatic shutter countdown. Voila! Also, this phone is truly smart. On recognizing more than 3 faces, it automatically prompts the user to switch to group-selfie cam. How amazing is that!’ Read her full review here.

4.  Mehak Ghai

4 camera phone - camera phone

‘OPPO is now not only tech forward but fashion forward too! So I finally got my hands on the black edition of OPPO F3! Apart from its awesome features, what's amazing about this phone is its so stylish! Who doesn't love black? I love it and I am sure you do too!.. Be it a black dress, footwear or bag, I just can't keep my hands of it and now OPPO F3 in Black? Its like a cherry on top!’ Read her full review here.

5. Riya Jain of Caught In A Cuff

5 camera phone - Riya Jain

‘The new OPPO  F3, in its glorious black version, is a very classy-looking phone with a dual selfie camera with AMAZING quality pictures as output. I’ve put up pictures on my Instagram (caughtinacuff) of me unboxing this Selfie Expert phone. The phone fits comfortably in the hands and the design is sleek. The OPPO F3 has a special and exclusive camera feature called the Beauty mode, which enhances the look of skin when taking selfies. There is also a blur mode which helps create a sort of bokeh effect when the picture is clicked with the primary camera.’ Read her full review here.

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