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10 Perks Of Having A Boyfriend Who *Actually* Loves Texting!

10 Perks Of Having A Boyfriend Who *Actually* Loves Texting!

It is rare to find guys who LOVE to text. Most of them usually ‘endure’ it because their girlfriends love it so much! There are some very definite advantages of having a guy who loves to text you all the time. Here are 10 of those perks of dating a guy who loves to text you.

1. No Worries

You never have to worry about where he is or what he’s doing because he constantly texts you everything. Thanks to this, you don’t have to check up on him because you already know everything. Isn’t the control freak in you dancing with joy at that?

2. Unending Conversations

There is no end to the conversation between you two because you’re not the one who has to always keep the conversation going. He finds topics of conversation too because he just does not want your conversation to end, EVER!

3. Huge Time Saver

You aren’t staring at your phone waiting for his replies all day. Just imagine the time you save! He instantly replies to everything you text and his reactions are mostly situation appropriate as well. (Thank God for that!)

3 guy who loves to text guy smiling at text

4. Hidden Superpower

Texting is now your superpower. You can text long paragraphs with your eyes closed within seconds. You two also have competitions when it comes to who can text the fastest!

5. Emoticons Are Your Thing

You now know all the emoticons inside-out and can send full sentences in emoticons and have the other person understand. This has brought you two closer than ever before and now you can understand a lot, without ever having to utter a word!

6. Instant Updates

You don’t have to wait a long time before you tell them about something interesting that happened to you. Everything can be shared in an instant. Nothing has to be saved for the night when you have a conversation on the phone! You can rant immediately for instant relief.

6 guy who loves to text guy happy texting

7. No Amount Of Distance Can Keep You Apart

Distance means nothing when you two love texting each other. You guys are always together throughout the day via texts even if you are thousand of miles apart. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

8. Uncomfortable Situations Be Gone

When you’re stuck in an uncomfortable situation or are waiting for a companion, he’s always there for you. And, god forbid, if you’re ever in an uncomfortable situation, he rescues you immediately because all you need to do is send a text, which he’ll see immediately and call back - providing you with a convenient exit.

9. Hello Sexting!

You two are the sexting gurus! You get sexy pictures without ever asking for them and no matter what time of the day, you can sext sneakily without others even having a clue about what you’re up to. Definite perk, I must say!

9 guy who loves to text zac efron texting

10. No Misunderstandings

Do you know the times when you say something but the other person misunderstands because it’s difficult to express emotions and sarcasm through texts? Well, that NEVER happens with you two because you guys have now fully understood what the other person means at all times. Even blank texts make sense to you!

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