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An Open Letter To The Guy Who Wants A ‘Fair’ Bride

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Wants A ‘Fair’ Bride

To all the men who want a ‘fair’ bride, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

When it comes to marriage, there’s more than meets the eye. And if they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you’ve probably not received the gift of sight yet. Don’t worry, there’s still hope for you though. Provided you’re willing to look at the bigger picture.

Tying the knot with someone just because their skin tone fancies your interest makes you more of a primitive thinker. Personality, charm, wit, humour and intelligence, obviously aren’t qualities you’re looking for in a woman. After all, at the end of the day, it’s her milky-white skin that caught your eye in the first place.

The harsh reality is that to you and your family, she’s more of an arm candy. The kind that only levitates one’s non-existent social status. It’s a disappointing thought because you fail to look deeper into the person. You fail to look at your life partner as an equal. The sad truth is that no matter how wonderful a person she may be, she’s just a shiny trophy cup in your eyes.

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Brown, white, dark, a woman is a woman. She’s more than her appearance. She feels so deeply and loves so passionately. She deserves to be acknowledged. Most importantly, she deserves to have a voice.

Fall in love with a woman because your mind matches with hers. Fall in love with a woman because when your lips touch, it feels like magic. Fall in love with a woman because only she knows how to make you laugh like a toddler who’s high on a candy rush. But, don’t ever fall in love with a woman because of the colour of her skin - Let that be the last of your concerns.

Think beyond and love her for what she is. Be her pillar of strength when she needs support. Shutdown minds who judge her because she doesn’t fit their idea of beauty. Love your woman and make her feel like she’s the smartest and prettiest girl you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

Acceptance is the key to a successful marriage. Be it her quirks, her thinking or her flaws - embrace all of them with an open mind and heart. Let society have their say. Ultimately, it’s you who would be spending the rest of your life with her. Once you come to terms with that, you’ll look at beauty from a different perspective. That itself will make you a stronger couple in the years to come. So here’s wishing you luck and hoping you will grow, as a husband and a human!

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