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10 Super *Naughty* Memes To Send To Your Hubby… NOW!

10 Super *Naughty* Memes To Send To Your Hubby… NOW!

Do you remember the sparks that flew between you and your (now) hubby when you two first got together? Of course, you do! Do you also sometimes wonder why the magic is slowly fading away? It’s probably because you guys are not ‘naughty’ enough anymore! No kidding! You know, it’s never enough to just have some great sex, and a close bond with your hubby. It’s always nice to spice things up a bit, every once in a while. Here are some peppy and naughty memes you can send to your hubby, which will definitely add some (no, a lot of it actually) spice to your relationship.

1. You know his husky, deep voice works wonders for you. So, let him know!

1-naughty memes-husky voice

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2. We bet he wouldn’t be ready for this *steamy* note coming his way.

2-naughty memes-sexy quote

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3. Tables turning much? Yes, they so are!

3-naughty memes-not to sound like dude

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4. Now that’s some crazy, crazy love right here! *Wink*

4-naughty memes-sexy touch

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5. This will surely make him crave for you all day long… Try it!

5-naughty memes-your lips on mine

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6. Really do some of those things to him. And that intimacy level is going to be at an all-time high!

6-naughty memes-naughty things

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7. Just wait for all the lovin’ he’ll give you after that!

7-naughty memes-bite your lip

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8. Fair enough! We say, it’s a win-win situation for both of you!

8-naughty memes-keep you wild

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9. That’s the kind of week that starts and ends on a good note. No more Monday blues, you guys!

9-naughty memes-naughty week

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10. So, that’s a pretty good and *sexy* deal, isn’t it?

10-naughty memes-seduce my mind

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Start sending already! 

Published on Jun 29, 2017
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