#MyStory: He Liked My Pictures On Instagram And Then…

#MyStory: He Liked My Pictures On Instagram And Then…

I had just turned twenty, but I had also just gone through a big heartbreak. I always wanted a fairytale love story and like every other girl, I’d hoped to find my ‘dream’ boy. As a chirpy teenager, I got many proposals and I even got involved in immature relationships quite quickly. As a result, I had a troubled teenage life and faced innumerable heartbreaks that made me almost lose my faith in love. After my last breakup, I had almost made up my mind that I am definitely not going to be in another relationship because I really needed a break. I was kinda getting a large following on social media and had a few stalkers on Instagram as well. There was one particular guy who liked all my posts, commented on my posts, but I never even noticed. But call it destiny... My childhood best friend told me that there was a guy in his college (her senior) who had a huge crush on me. I neglected it at first because he was a nerd and totally different from me.

He was leaving for Bangalore in ten days for his job. And even though I felt this small connection, his moving to another city was a big no from my side. But then suddenly in a sporadic moment, I wanted him to contact me. But I guess, in today’s world no one really has the time or energy to stalk someone for three months without any expectation. So I made up my mind and I contacted him. Asked him out on a date as he was way too shy to ask me first! Though I have never asked out any guy first and also never texted a guy on my own ever, I really became desperate in his case.

I am really not sure why I was so desperate for him. It was obviously something different than my previous relationships. I was smiling incessantly, blushing for no reason as if he’s the first guy I have ever met. It was special when he asked me for an official date. Though I have been on many dates, this one seemed like it was my first date ever. He was moving to Bangalore the next day, right after our date. That was the toughest moment, and taking a decision or thinking about what to do and whether to say yes or no had become too hard.

Internal long distance relationship

My previous relationship was a long distance too and it was a mess. It ended up devastating me completely and I couldn’t trust men after that at all. Especially before the date, I met him only twice. I didn’t want to take a decision in such a rush. I was attracted by his personality and his honestly flattered me as well. I was just going with the flow. He didn’t propose to me (obviously it wasn’t needed also), we confessed our feelings to each other on the same day.

I took the risk of trusting him, overcame my fear and gave my hand to him when he wished to hold it. The next morning I came to see him off in the airport (for the first time in my life I went to see off a guy and that was him), I knew that it was special. I hugged him and we said bye. I was sad and happy at the same time. I wanted him to look forward to his new life. I didn’t want to hold him back. And right before he boarded the aircraft, he texted me saying that he loves me.

Our first date was our last date (till then). We started our relationship with a long distance, and for six months we continued the same way, on the phone. It was very sweet. He loved me so much and made me believe in love again. Though it was very tough to maintain a long distance relationship, we survived these two years pretty well. We missed our birthdays and tried to meet each other whenever we could, we travel, we eat, we have fun like friends. We try to make it interesting and perfect in every way.

After 6 months of our first date, we met during Durga puja and I felt as excited as when I had met him for the first time. We’ve been together for two years now, and we just recently celebrated our second anniversary together and look forward to many much more!

I learned from my relationship that not all relationships are bad. Long distance with the right person is better than a regular relationship with the wrong guy. I had two long distance relationships and both of them taught me different lessons in life. One destroyed me, and the other came as a blessing and healed me.

We have already made plans for marriage. I have the best future in-laws but we are more concentrated on our career right now. We still call each other by our Instagram Ids. Even our families and friends call us with this name. Instagram especially helped us reach where we are today, happy and satisfied. I am so happy I didn’t settle for less and waited for the right person in my life. I waited many years and even almost lost hope. True love still exists and you don’t have to find it because it will find you, at the right time in the most unexpected way.

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