#MyStory: He Proposed To Me… In The Middle Of Nowhere!

#MyStory: He Proposed To Me… In The Middle Of Nowhere!

Aarav and I never used to end up with good memories whenever we met. We both never trusted each other until one day, when I was practicing playing football and I sprained my leg. He helped me and that night, he took me back to my place and it was a great night. We talked, watched movies and he even helped me bandage my leg. Since then, he visited me regularly and we started trusting each other a little more than what we did in the past.

One morning Aarav came to my doorstep and rang the bell. When I opened the door, he had two football match tickets in his hand and asked me, ‘Interested? Two tickets, the ultimate rivalries of all time and a hot guy by your side.’ I was confused and said, ‘Aarav, are you crazy? I have my doc's appointment today.’ To which he immediately replied, ‘Oh! Don’t worry about that, I called Dr Arora, your appointment has been shifted to the day after tomorrow. Are you interested, now? he said. ‘Such a devil you are! Okay, let's go.’

The match was at six and he came to pick me up at four in the evening, since the stadium was quite far. We were driving when the car stalled after a few jerks and screeches. Aarav got out of the car and checked the bonnet. ‘Seems that the car is not in a mood to rest outside the stadium,’ he said. I got out of the car and was quite frustrated. It was getting cold and dark as well. We tried to ask for a lift from a lot of people but none stopped to help. There was no signal on the phone and we were quite tensed. Suddenly, he got a call and to attend it, he had to go away since he couldn't hear anything.

Internal we were driving when the car stalled - couple smiling at each other

I felt a shadow behind me and was very frightened. When I turned around to defend myself, I saw it was Aarav and was relieved but was also shocked. He was down on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand. ‘Wh-What? Are you in love...in love with me? Wh-When did…? How did… ?’ I fumbled and was looking for words to describe how I was feeling. He stood and said, ‘Cool down! Cool down! You didn't let me say anything. Let me finish the ritual first and then I'll explain everything to you. So, Ms Shivani Patel, will you marry me? And by the way, Shivani Negi sounds wonderful. Trust me.’

I took a deep breath and said, ‘Mr. Aarav Negi, I really liked the way you surprised me and would love to get surprised like this way all my life. Bu…’ I was interrupted by a kiss and I kissed him back. He pinned me to the car and said, ‘Were you going to say no before the kiss?’ With a sassy smile on my face, I told him, ‘No chance after the kiss you planted on my lips. I was just wondering how you planned all this and how did all this take place at the perfect time?’ He said, ‘I planned all this and I think that the car just helped me out a little, now shut up and kiss me.’

That night was amazing and we even made out in the backseat of the car and that was pretty much an adventure. It’s been three years and it feels so good! Sometimes, I wonder what would have happened if the car didn't stop?

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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