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#MyStory: We Broke Up… But We Couldn't Stay Apart!

#MyStory: We Broke Up… But We Couldn't Stay Apart!

There was excitement, happiness, and uncertainty. I got into the college I wanted and that meant that I had to leave the city I loved and grew up in. I had to move to Chennai for my graduation.

It took me three years to finally tell him that I liked him and that's when he confessed that he too had a crush on me since we were in 7th grade. We started dating that summer of 2014 and we’d been together ever since.

My boyfriend, helped me pack my bags and get all the things I would need in the hostel. But I was waiting for something else. I was waiting for him to say that I should stay, that he needed me there next to him. But he didn’t. We walked together at the supermarket, picking up the essentials we needed and moved on. He would talk about everything except about me going away. He did everything to avoid that discussion. It scared me. What was he thinking? Were we breaking up because I'm moving away?

He was my first crush. I can say, he was my only crush. I never thought he would even look at me because there were so many girls who were head over heels about him and were prettier than I was.

We were happy and we loved each other immensely. We went on long walks and shared ice- creams and talked endlessly about everything under the sky. We never felt the need to go to costly restaurants for dates. We would rather enjoy a walk together. He was everything I had ever wanted in a partner!

We kissed each other goodbye and I promised that I would come back to him. But things changed the minute I moved to Chennai. My roommates asked me every now and then if I was fine. And I said I was but I didn't know if my significant other and I would be able to survive this long distance for the next four years.

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We got busy with college, assignments and all of that. There were times we couldn't talk properly and as if that wasn’t enough to distance us, a girl from his college fell for him and we fought day in and day out because of her. Through all this, we hurt each other and said a lot of things to each other that we shouldn’t have. At times things seemed to be fine, but again, we kept fighting on and off.

But ultimately, we broke up because we just couldn't take it anymore. I questioned myself if it was even real. Did he even for once mean it all through that year and a half when he said he loved me?

We didn't speak for two days… And then he called me up and said that he wanted to meet me. The urgency in his voice scared me. And he said it was something only I could fix. For a minute I thought he wanted me back, but I didn't want to keep my hopes high.

I decided to meet him. My heart was racing thinking about what is he was going to say... And then he cried. He was the pillar I could always lean on when I felt weak. To see him cry like that made me feel like everything was falling apart. He told me he wanted me back. I said yes and we hugged each other tightly.

19th October, 2015... That's the day we fell in love again. And recently on 19th May, 2017, we celebrated three years of togetherness. I'm in Chennai and he is Mumbai. Not that we don't fight anymore. But as they say that you fight only with people you love.

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