#MyStory: He Left Me Heartbroken After 8 Years But Then…

#MyStory: He Left Me Heartbroken After 8 Years But Then…

I had the most brutal heartbreak ever. I caught my then boyfriend and high school sweetheart cheating on me with my best friend and his second cousin (who by the way, were the same person) on our 8 year anniversary. I felt pain all over my body and I felt it in stages. From shock, disbelief, denial, heartbreak, withdrawal and then depression. I went through multiple mental breakdowns because having my fairytale come to an end before reaching its happily ever after was devastating. It felt like my boyfriend had crushed my heart and sucked out all the love from it. I had blocked everyone out of my life, my friends and parents and anyone else who had remotely tried to lift me up. I had recently quit my job, which had made me stay locked in my room with minimal food for days. Worried, my parents coaxed me into undergoing counselling and therapy, which surprising, didn't help much.

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One day, lying in my bed, teary-eyed, I was flicking through the TV channels when I came across the movie, Queen. Inspired by Kangana’s bold decision to forget the world and go on her honeymoon all alone, it inspired me to do something very similar. I wonder where I got the courage to do so, but the very next morning, I booked my tickets to Bali. I informed my parents of this five-day sabbatical from life that I was taking, with the hope that it helps me feel a little better.

And just like that, I took off and reached Bali. The resort was breathtaking, a gorgeous property with palm trees, a pool bar and a private beach. I felt the time away from my city and everything that reminded me of my broken heart would be good for me. And believe me, I had the time of my life. I enrolled myself in a sea sports travel group and spent my days parasailing, speed boating and other such activities. My evenings were mostly about sipping cocktails with fellow travellers staying at my resort. And by the third day, my numbness had slowly started subsiding. I was laughing, felt happy high and enjoyed my time at the beach. Hearing people tell their tales, share their experiences, I realised that there is so much more to life than just a relationship.

I decided to start life afresh and start applying for my dream job once I returned. The only reason that I had been putting it off up until then was because my boyfriend had told me that it would be difficult to get placed in the U.N., the long work hours would take a toll on our relationship and that I would just be frustrated. Now that he was no longer there in my life, I decided to take this bold step for myself. Once I was back, I started building my C.V., interning at the Economic departments and applying to the U.N.

What next? I finally got placed after 6 months and a rigorous round of interviews and tests. I have been working here for over a year now, and I’ve never been happier (not even when I was in what I thought to be the perfect, most loving relationship). Yes, the work hours are long and I love it; and no I’ve not become a social outcast because I have the best colleagues.

And last but not the least, I feel a sense of confidence and achievement that I have never ever felt before and my job gives me something to count on. My story reminds me of the song, ‘Don’t you worry, don't you worry child, cause heaven’s got a plan for you.’ Just like that, my heartbreak taught me how to love myself. Depression and overcoming, getting a surprise solo holiday and my dream job.

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